Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs of September
#10 of 10                   Valentine’s Day PvP Texture Pack (16x)

Valentine's Day PvP Texture Pack (16x) by NotroDan is an Amazing looking PvP Texture pack specifically created for Minecraft UHC PvP, Bedwars, Skywars, Faction, or any other form of PvP. This pack replaces your diamond armor and weapon sets with pinkish themed custom weapons and armor. This texture pack is perfect to use to show your enemies "love" as you slay them and slash them to death this month of hearts.

Valentine's Day PvP Texture Pack (16x) by NotroDan has very fast FPS as it runs in 16x16 resolution. You cannot feel any lag with this texture pack. It features a nice vibrant combination of pink and light purple themes and palettes.

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