Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs of September
#10 of 10                      Chroma PvP Texture Pack 16x
Chroma PvP Texture Pack

Chroma PvP Texture Pack is an amazingly beautiful animated PVP texture pack. Believe it or not, this pack improves your FPS despite it being animated and having awesome textures. This pack was created by SidGamez specifically to have an Animated PvP Experience. Just like the Chroma keyboard of Razor, this pack changes colors every second.

Chroma PvP Texture Pack focuses on enjoying PvP, boosting FPS without losing the aesthetics. The animated textures of the armor and weapon sets is a loop between different colors, pretty much like a Chroma Keyboard and mouse. It also features custom skies and clear water. If you would like to enjoy PvP with a good looking texture pack go ahead and download Chroma PvP Texture Pack.

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