Top 5 Minecraft Roller Coaster Creations 

 Last Modified December 13, 2022

 Published December 9, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

Top 5 Minecraft Roller Coaster Creations - 1

Minecraft Roller Coaster creations sever two purposes: providing a thrilling escape and showing off the builder’s architectural skills.

We rarely see any forms of minecart-based transportation in the real world, but in Minecraft, roller coasters come alive.


This is the list that showcase the Top 5 most impressive Roller Coaster creations from the world of Minecraft. 

Top 5 Minecraft Roller Coaster Creations - 2

Roller Coasters In Minecraft

People make Minecraft Roller Coaster creations by using the minecart system. By combining blocks, liquids and slopes, players can create these incredible structures.


Players also employ construction techniques such as boosting, curving, drops and more to make their roller coasters as exciting as possible.

The Drop of Doom

This is one of the most impressive Minecraft Roller Coaster. It features a track that snakes its way around an enormous tower, before plunging down the side of it.

The track also features several steep drops and loops to make the journey even more thrilling.

Twisted Colossus

The Colossus is one of the longest Minecraft Roller Coaster. This impressive creation has over 3,000 blocks of track and features several drops, loops and twists.

This roller coaster will take you on a journey that lasts over 8 minutes.

Horror Thomas the Train Roller

As the name suggests, this roller coaster is not for the faint-hearted. The Train of Terror features an intense ride full of tight turns, steep drops and unexpected surprises around every corner.

It's also one of the most popular roller coasters in Minecraft.

Colossus II The Fire Dragon Roller Coaster

As its name implies, the Colossus II is the sequel to the original Colossus Roller Coaster. This Minecraft Roller Coaster takes you on an even more thrilling journey with over 4,000 blocks of track and several drops, loops and bends.

The Volcano Coaster

The Volcano Coaster is one of the most unique roller coaster creations in Minecraft. This creation takes you on a dangerous journey through an active volcano, with unexpected twists and turns around every corner.

"It's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!"

These Top 5 Minecraft Roller Coaster are all extremely impressive and creative masterpieces. They push the boundaries of what can be achieved in this blocky world and serve as a testament to the creativity of the people that built them.

Top 5 Minecraft Roller Coaster Creations - 3

Other Minecraft Roller Coasters Worth Talking About

Here are other Coasters that are worth to be mentioned.

Sven’s Epic Rollercoaster: This map was created by a player named SVENNEKE05. The rollercoaster takes the player through many different areas, divided into sections. which seem to mimic the different biomes in Minecraft that run for about 14 minutes.

Amusement land: A map containing a whopping 14 rollercoasters and 10 other entertainment areas. It is the updated version of the map of the same name, and is much optimized and has a ton of new features. The whole map is spread across an entire park, giving this map a lot of replayability.

Journey to the Christmas tree: Journey to the Christmas tree is a parkour-based map. And is theme for Christmas that includes snow, Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, and presents.

Submersed: This map is story driven and takes the player on a journey through the seas. where the player’s submarine has supposedly broken down, and is stranded on the map with some tools for survival. The player must then complete a set of challenges, from repairing the submarine to making an entire rollercoaster to traverse around the map.

The Lord’s Castle: This map is based around a huge castle, called the Lord’s Castle. which contains many interesting rooms where players are free to explore, including two rollercoasters. One of the rollercoaster is situated outside the castle, while the other one is inside. Players can also explore the wide variety of structures located outside the castle, as they contain some mini-games.

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How To Make Minecraft Roller Coasters

Step 1: Lay Out Your Track : The first step in creating a Minecraft Roller Coaster is to lay out your track. Make sure that you plan the design of the track carefully, as this will determine how thrilling the roller coaster is.

Step 2: Add Loops and Drops : Once you have finished laying out the track, it's time to start adding some drops and loops. This will make the ride even more exciting for players that are brave enough to take on your creation.

Step 3: Create Stations : When building a rollercoaster, it’s important to create stations throughout the track where players can board and disembark from the coaster. This helps ensure that players don't get stuck in one area of the coaster when they try to ride it.

Step 4: Add Details : Once the basic track is complete, it's time to add some details. This includes adding obstacles such as walls, tunnels and even waterfalls. You can also create and use custom texture packs for the tracks and other elements of the coaster to make them appear more realistic.

Step 5: Enjoy the Ride : Once the coaster is complete, it's time to enjoy the ride! Invite your friends over and take a few laps around the track. With some luck, you'll be able to create a rollercoaster that will leave them in awe.

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