Top 5 Minecraft Cottage Designs 

 Last Modified December 20, 2022

 Published December 20, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

Top 5 Minecraft Cottage Designs - 1

If you are having trouble with designing your cottage here in Minecraft, then this list of top 5 Minecraft cottage designs will help you to get started.

From classic and modern to rustic and cozy, these top designs for cottages in Minecraft have something for everyone.


You can download most if not all of these cottages as Minecraft Maps which you can utilize as a sampler to help inspire you to design your own.

Top 5 Minecraft Cottage Design for Beginners

Tudor Cottage: If you’re looking for a classic look, then the Tudor Cottage is perfect. This style features a steep gabled roof and charming asymmetrical windows that adds character to any Minecraft build.


Farmhouse Cottage: For those who want something more modern, then the Farmhouse Cottage might be just what you need. This style features traditional elements like shiplap walls and an inviting front porch.

Tropical Cottage: For more of an eclectic feel, try designing your cottage with a Tropical theme in mind. This style features bright colors, vibrant patterns and an overall cheerful atmosphere.

Log Cabin Cottage: Another unique and most commonly use design is the Log Cabin Cottage. This style incorporates logs and twigs to give your cottage a rustic feel with a mix of Faithful vibes.

Castle Cottage: And for those who want a touch of luxury, then consider building your own Castle Cottage. This style features tall stone walls, towers, turrets and other regal elements that can make your dream cottage come true.

"Now for those experience player who want to test their design skills:"

Top 5 Minecraft Cottage Designs - 2

The Tower Cottage: A tall tower structure with a charming balcony on the upper level, the Tower Cottage is perfect for those who want to add some extra height to their Minecraft builds with a sense of realism.

The Spiral Cottage: If you’re looking for something unique, then why not try a spiral cottage? This design features several distinct levels connected by staircases in an attractive spiral formation – perfect if you’re looking for something special.

The Glasshouse Cottage: Want your cottage to look like an upscale vacation home? Then the Glasshouse Cottage is just what you need. The glass walls and ceiling let in plenty of natural light, while still providing a sense of privacy – perfect for a romantic getaway.

Top 5 Minecraft Cottage Designs - 3

Most Used Materials for Making Cottages in Minecraft

This are the list of the most commonly use materials by player to make their own unique Cottages in Minecraft.

Wood Blocks: The most common building material in Minecraft is the wood block. They come in a variety of colors and textures, making them perfect for creating the walls and floors of your cottage.

Cobblestone: Another popular material used to build cottages is cobblestone. This natural stone looks great when combined with other materials like glass or wood, helping you create an eye-catching design.

Glass Panes: To bring some light into your cottage, consider adding glass panes to your design. These thin blocks can be used to create window frames or even entire walls – perfect for letting natural sunlight into any space.

Brick Blocks: If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, then brick blocks are the perfect choice. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can easily match them to your existing design.

Top 5 Minecraft Cottage Designs - 4

"But for players that want to make their dream cottage using exotics materials you could try using blocks like:"

Nether Bricks: If you’re looking for a more exotic look, then why not try using Nether Bricks? These blocks have a unique texture and color that will help set your cottage apart from the rest.

Quartz Blocks: Want to add an extra touch of luxury to your design? Quartz blocks are perfect for adding a bit of sparkle and shine. And with their neutral tones, they’ll match almost any other building material.

Glow stone: For a truly unique look, try using Glow stone to light up your cottage. This material can be used as decorative lighting or even in place of traditional lamps – perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere.

There you have it, whether you ’re a novice builder or an experienced player, these Cottage designs are sure to help you build your dream Minecraft cottage. So, get out there and let your creativity run wild.

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