Faithful is a category of Minecraft Texturepacks. The edits of the most popular Minecraft PvP Texturepack matter around 30% of the whole Resourcepack Market, just close behind Default Edits what means Packs that are based on Minecraft Default. "Faithful Edit" means that a pack has significant a percentage share of Faithful items or blocks. But there are different types because not all packs have the same percentage of Faithful Stuff. Packs like the "Pack Nation Simple Default/Faithful Edit (Red Version)" have a higher percentage of Faithful Items/Blocks than Zulp's "Solrflare Faithful Edit" for example.

Chroma’s 32x Faithful Texture Pack

Chroma's 32x Faithful Texture Pack 1.7/1.8/1.9 "Chroma's 32x LightBlue" Texturepack is a modified version of faithful. It has thin, long swords and is based on...

Faithful Texture Packs Top 3 compilation

Top 3 Faithful Edits 1. "MINECRAFT PVP TEXTURE PACK - FAITHFUL EDIT STIMPYPvP NO LAG 1.7.X/1.8.X" Creators Channel: CREATOR FREE Download ► DOWNLOAD 2. "Minecraft PvP Texture Pack AMAZING...
Fps Boosting Faithful

Faithful Texturepack HighFPS/MaxFPS optimized

Fps boosting Faithful Edit by Cods "MINECRAFT PvP TEXTURE PACK NOLAG/FPS BOOST FAITHFUL 1.7.X 1.8.X" With this Texturepack Cods released a pretty nice faithful texture pack...