Is Safe?


Is Safe to download from? That has been a question some players have been asking.

Minecraft is an open source game. This means that the developers Mojang are legally allowing players to modify and edit certain aspects of the game. This includes modifications of textures, resources, maps, and even gameplay. As long as the modifications and customizations are bound within Mojang’s policy then you can change the game to your heart’s content. These modifications are commonly named as mod packs, resource packs, shaders packs, and texture packs.


There are so many sources throughout the internet which you can download packs from. However, there are also thousands of sources which have malicious files embedded in the packs which carry trojans, virus, malware and other harmful elements. This is why you always need to download from legitimate sources. This is why some users might even ask if is safe to download from. 

Continue to read below and see why we are safe, and why you should download from us.

Is Safe, continued service

Continued Service has been serving the Minecraft community since December 12, 2015. We have been providing FREE and SAFE packs to our readers for already more than 5 Years. Minecraft has always been a passion for us. That is why we have already dedicated all those years to provide our beloved reader with legitimate texture packs, resource packs and other Minecraft related customizations for almost a decade.

20M +
Total Downloads
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Safe Content

We have already provided and hosted more than 20,000,000 total downloads and 1,500 texture packs on our servers. We have been in the industry since Minecraft was still played by teen agers until now. As long as our fans and supporters keep on reading our reviews and downloading from our servers we shall continue to provide quality and free content for everyone to download and install. So, is Safe? Yes it is.

Virus Protection

We have already made a statement of our service by providing free hosting to those who submit packs for us to review. At the same time the hosting we provide also is Free of charge to anyone who wants to download Minecraft packs. This is why we always make sure that any file that gets uploaded to our hosts is safe and free from any malware, virus or any harmful elements. We have two main processes in scanning viruses. 

Upon receiving a pack from a submission or from our researchers and contributors we first use online virus checkers to initially scan the file for any virus. Afterwards, we test the pack and let our writers write honest reviews on them. The next step is, we scan the pack again using licensed antivirus software before we try to upload it to our hosts. So, is Safe? Once again, yes it is.

Here is a full list of antivirus software we use to check the files:

  • Bitdefender
  • Norton antivirus
  • Kaspersky
  • Avira
  • Trend Micro
  • Sophos
  • Avast
  • WebRoot SecureAnywhere
  • ESET
  • McAfee

Here is a full list of all the online Virus scanning tools we also use initially before Unzipping a pack

  • Avast.comt

Now that you know of our entire process before hosting any files for downloads, you might still want to ask the question Is Safe?

So, let us answer the questions.

Is Safe?

Yes, we have a tight and strict protocol when it comes to hosting files. When we initially receive files and packs from any source may it be from a pack submission, from our contributors or our researchers we scan it for malicious elements in two processes. Any pack we find that has a trace of malicious content from it is automatically deleted. 

Can be Trusted?

Yes, as we have already stated above. We have been providing readers and fans with quality texture packs since 2015. We have a small but dedicated team of Minecraft fanatics who breath Minecraft. We also try to upload what the community wants, and we make sure to give them honest reviews and safe downloads.

So if you are looking for Texture packs, resource packs, mods, audio packs, shaders or any modification for Minecraft then you know that you can always trust We will try our best to always provide you with the most updated packs, most wanted, best performing, and sockets packs ever. In conclusion to answer this question. Is Safe? Yes it absolutely is.