Awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Which You Can Build Yourself 

 Last Modified December 13, 2022

 Published December 11, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

Awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Which You Can Build Yourself - 1

Minecraft Redstone Engine Builds are the cheapest of the type of Engine and as such are the least powerful of the three types of engine in Minecraft.

They are however very versatile and can be used to create a wide range of contraptions. Redstone engines have the ability to power mechanical devices such as doors, pistons, dynamos and more.


Redstone engines, like all most engines, gain speed as they heat up and thus become more powerful.

The speed of the engine increases as the heat level rises, and so the most important thing to consider when building a Redstone engine is how efficient it will be at generating energy.


The best way to make sure your Minecraft Redstone Engine is efficient is to use high-quality blocks for its construction. You can even use Resource packs with them.

For example, using a furnace or nether brick blocks instead of regular stone blocks will reduce the amount of energy lost from the engine in comparison with using lower-grade blocks.

Additionally, when constructing your engine, you should also take into account how much power it can generate compared to how much power you actually need from it. This way, you can minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Which You Can Build Yourself - 2

Like the most engines, the Redstone engine can be turned on and off using a Redstone signal and requires an active signal in order to activate. The strength of the signal will then determine how fast or slow the engine runs.

When building a Redstone engine, there are also a number of additional features you can add in order to make it more efficient and powerful.

You can increase the size or complexity of your engine by adding pistons, which will help to reduce the amount of energy lost due to friction.

Additionally, adding Redstone torches along with repeaters and other components will help to ensure that the speed of the engine is consistent and stable.

List of the most awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Builds

Here is the list of some of the greatest Redstone engine builds that could blow your mind. These are actually created as Minecraft maps that you can download.

32-Bit calculator

It's truly amazing as to what sophisticated Minecraft Redstone Engine can accomplish in Minecraft, and this calculator is a perfect example.

Created by an individual named by Kirk Hendrix, this labor of love is a fully functional 32-bit calculator that can perform just about any operation a player can expect from the calculator type.

Redstone Tetris

Taking the mathematical approach of the calculator and applying it in a spatial sense, this Minecraft Redstone Engine by MattBatWings is truly incredible.

Through Matt Batwings' efforts, he managed to create a fully interactive and playable game of Tetris.

Playable guitar

Created by the Redstone savant FVDisco, this massive Minecraft instrument is fully capable of playing any note one might expect from a traditional guitar.

Working movie theater

Is a function movie theater that can show moving pictures and the like made by Mumbo Jumbo one of the longest Minecraft community builders.

Mega walking robot

Using an interconnected system of slime blocks, Redstone blocks, and pistons, The Builder was capable of creating a large robotic entity that can move forward under its own power once activated.

 the wonderful creation was made by Mumbo Jumbo. This Minecraft Redstone Engine is definitely an amazing work of art.

Awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Which You Can Build Yourself - 3

The types of Minecraft Redstone Engine

There are many types of engines that can be made in Minecraft like the Blue engine, green engine, orange engine, red engine.

The Black engine which all use Redstone to power the contraptions. A blue engine is the most basic and requires a single piece of Redstone to create a working model, while green engines are more advanced and require multiple pieces as well as some logic to get them running.

Orange engines work much like green but have added features that allow for an even faster rate of speed, while red engines are the most powerful type and take up much more space than any other engine type.

Lastly, Black engines are the rarest type and use the most resources in their construction but can generate large amounts of energy in comparison to all others.

Awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Which You Can Build Yourself - 4

What Makes Minecraft Redstone Engine Builds Awesome

There are many uses for Redstone engines form providing power to producing moving objects. Redstone engines are capable of powering things such as TNT cannons, elevators and minecarts.

 Additionally, they can be used to create objects like doors that open and close with a single button press.

Redstone engines are also the backbone of many complex machinery builds in the world of Minecraft and can make all sorts of creations come to life.

Overall Awesome Minecraft Redstone Engine Builds is an intricate art form that requires patience and dedication if you want to get it right.

It is important to take into account the type of engine being built, as well as additional features that could improve efficiency or increase power output. By doing so, players will be able to create truly awesome machines for whatever purpose.

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