Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published November 8, 2021
Updated: November 8, 2021
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published November 8, 2021
Updated: November 8, 2021

Minecraft resource packs are one of the most downloaded modifications for the game. This is due to it's easy installation and great benefits.

A pack gives the game more life by adding some awesome new graphics. The possibilities are endless, making Minecraft 1.17 more fun to play each time you use it.


The resource packs are also great for players that have computers that are unable to run Minecraft with high quality graphics.

The obvious downside of using this type of modification is the fact that every time there is an update, you will need to get a new one.


The Minecraft community offers many different types of this modification, so choosing the right one can be hard at first glance.

So our team at in collaboration with Pack Nation have compiled the Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 resource packs.

What are Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs

Resource Packs are modifications to the artwork and pixel art which are found on Minecraft's files.

Resource Packs can make the overall aesthetics of Minecraft look better by retexturing the entities and particles along with specific resources in which that pack was created for.

For example, if a texture pack only replaces swords then it will only retexture the swords without touching the appearance of the other resources.

It changes the look, form and genre and even resolution of the default textures and shows the new ones instead.

Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs

It's hard to pick which resource pack to use since there are hundreds of thousands available online.

That is why our team of dedicated Minecraft fanatics have come together to present to you the Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs.

15. Better grass 1.17.1 Resource Pack

Better grass 1.17.1 Resource Pack - 1

This is a pack that aims to enhance the quality of original grass textures in Minecraft by modifying them.

It's a handy bundle that includes some useful textures which make the entire look of grass in the game look real.

This pack was developed by jahirtrap since December 2016. This shows the longevity of this texture pack as it's been here for a while now.

It still gets regular updates and is still one of the most downloaded resource packs right now. Which is why we added it on our list of the Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs.

14. Celesta 32x 1.17.1 Modern PvP Texture Pack

Number 14 on our list of the Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs comes a hybrid resource pack which is a combination of two types of packs.

There are so many UHC Texture Packs which you can find online however there are only few which are dubbed as modern PvP Packs.

The optimistic approach of this of texture pack combines simplicity with some modern genres creating a perfectly balanced pack.

It makes the overall resolution of the game better and at the same time it also does not make the FPS suffer.

This texture pack is perfect for Bedwars or any other form of PvP. The simple designs makes it easier to smite and do combos on your enemies.

13. Round Trees Texture Pack 1.17.1

This texture pack was designed to change the blocky appearance of trees into circular shapes without the use of mods.

Round Trees was created by Motschen to provide an alternative to Mods. Since resource packs are easier to install, doing so provided round trees and logs to more players.

This pack is compatible with almost any other resource pack so you can use it together with another pack as long as it is on top of the load order.

It doesn't really change the trees round rather it created that optical illusion through pixel art and layering.

12. Firewolf 3D x128 1.17.1

This resource pack is a semi-realistic pack which was designed by Keitsu in the hopes of making the game look better without making it fully realistic.

The texture pack makes the pixels appear to be one and seamless especially all of the grass and structural blocks.

This gives the blocks a false sense of continuity and implies that they are one huge piece rather than being merely stacked on top of each other.

It uses 3D models so you can expect some well detailed resources amongst all sides of each block or model. This is why it is ranked 12 on the Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs.

11. Blunos 32x PVP Texture Pack 1.17.1

Blunos 32x PVP Texture Pack 1.17.1 - 3

Another PvP Texture Pack in our list, this one differs through it's style. It is a classic vintage styled pack which only replaces and recolors the PvP items.

This one is specifically themed after blue colors and gradients. It also has a few splashes of white on it to simulate a shine effect on the armor.

It also replaces the designs of all the swords to make them look a tad more deadly compared to the default textures.

The pack runs on 32x resolution however it still runs amazingly fast with very good frame rates per second compared to other packs of the same pixel size.

10. Epic Adventures 1.17 Resource Pack

Epic Adventures 1.17.1 Resource Pack - main

This resource pack is one of the very few packs which can accommodate a huge selection of players from different genres.

The main purpose that this pack was created was to make the overall of aesthetics of Minecraft better without having to remove any of the concepts.

It has great looking grass and a wide collection of colors used making everything look bright and punchy.

Aside from that, it makes the game look sort of realistic despite not being at a higher pixel size. Overall this pack looks amazing and colorful making it very ideal for immersion gameplay.

9. Faithful 32x 1.17.1 PE / Bedrock

Faithful 32x 1.18 - 2

As our only Bedrock Edition pack which made it to the list, Faithful PE does not disappoint as it is still one of the most requested and downloaded packs.

It features nice customizations to the overall appearance of Minecraft but without removing any trace of the original themes which were set by Mojang.

It makes the game look more immersive but at the same time stays true to how the original resources were created.

We ranked this pack as 9th overall on our Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 resource packs due to it's perfect combination of nice appearance and popularity.

8. Tightfault Revamp Edit 1.17.1

Tightfault Revamp Edit 1.17.1 (Technoblade's Pack) - main on site

This texture pack has been known as one of the packs that was used by the PvP God himself Technoblade.

Tightfault features simplistic designs on the retextures however it does make the game load amazingly faster than ever.

When you activate this pack you can automatically feel the FPS Boostsp as you can make combos and smite better.

It also features short swords and low fire which has been highly pursued by most of the professional PvP players and YouTubers.

7. Clear Glass with Connected Textures 1.17.1

Clear Glass with Connected Textures 1.17.1 - 1

Let's all face it, the default glass of Minecraft is horrible. Not only is it stained, it also looks terrible and could have been designed better.

This is why this pack is so powerful because it corrects that problem and makes the entire glass of different tints and strains to become clear.

Aside from that, it makes the glass look seamless making the combined or stacked textures seem like a whole instead of separate structural blocks.

This utility block was ranked number 7 on our list of the Top 15 Minecraft 1.17 resource packs due to it's popularity and overall impact to creative mode players.

6. Faithful 256x 1.17 โ€“ โ€œCanvasโ€

Faithful 256x 1.18 - main

If you talk about HD, then this pack is definitely one of the best contenders. It runs on 256x pixel size and just look beautiful.

It features new semi-realistic blocks which are based from the original designs of the Mojang artists. It stays true and faithful to vanilla Minecraft.

Although you can build plenty of structures on this new selection of blocks this pack is actually more popular to survival mode players who just want to enhance the resolution of Minecraft's default blocks.

It does add it's own twist however it's not much of a difference. It's still very linear with Minecraft's old blocky graphics designs.

5. Better Xray 1.17.1 Texture Pack

Better Xray 1.17.1 Texture Pack - 1

This Xray pack has made it on our list of the top 15 Minecraft 1.17 resource packs mainly from it's popularity and number of downloads.

It works well and makes the game easier by making some blocks transparent giving you the ability to see blocks or other resources which you want easier.

Although Xray packs shouldn't be used in multiplayer mode, it does come in handy in survival mode when you are trying to find a specific ore.

It also comes in handy for practicing a specific seed for a speed run that you are trying to prepare for.

4. Faithful 64x 1.17

Faithful 64x Steven's Traditional 1.17.1 - 2

Faithful texture packs have always been one of the most popular resource packs for Minecraft due to it's loyalty to the original concept.

This particular variant of the Faithful texture packs is also amazingly popular due to it's nice resolution and smooth textures.

Despite running at 64x resolution it runs very well with Minecraft and barely touches your frame rates per second.

Aside from that, it is a perfect combination of nice retextures with vanilla themes. It runs fast and looks great, what more could you want.

3. Night vision 1.17.1 Texture Pack

Nightly v1.1 - Night vision for Minecraft 1.17.1 - main

Being able to see in the dark is one challenge in Minecraft. Especially if you are digging under a deep tunnel or cave, and then suddenly out of nowhere a creeper explodes behind you.

That's not only scary but also devastating. This is probably the reason why Night Vision is so popular because it easily makes it more visible in the night without the aid of artificial lighting.

It also works in making ocean dives more visible even at night times. However, keep in mind that what might look bright might still actually spawn some mobs.

This pack is ranked 3rd in the list of the top 15 Minecraft 1.17 resource packs due to it's overall number of downloads plus it's usefulness in the game.

2. Xray Ultimate 1.17

Xray Ultimate 1.18 - main

When it comes to popularity only one pack comes close to Faithful and that's Xray packs. Xray Ultimate is the most popular Xray pack available for Minecraft.

It has continuously kept improving making other blocks more visible. It has aided countless number of players throughout the years of it's existence.

The developers of this pack are always there to update it to the latest version. At the same time, they actually listen to what the users are saying.

In terms of total downloads this pack is definitely a top contender as hundreds of thousands of players install this pack every month.

1. Faithful 32x 1.17

Faithful 32x 1.18

When it comes to top resource packs you might have already guessed which pack was going to be number 1. Faithful 32x is the original variant of faithful and is the most downloaded resource pack ever.

It has been downloaded by over at least 2 million times from our servers alone. It is also one of the most searched resource packs ever.

We can say that Faithful 32x is the standard bearer when it comes to resource packs. It's sleek and nice retextures make the game look better without dropping a single pixel away from the original themes and concepts.

It's the best combination of good appearance, fast gameplay and great aesthetics. Not to mention that it stays true to the essence of how Minecraft is supposed to be.


No matter which resource pack you want to download the truth of the matter is that it will always depend on how you enjoy Minecraft.

The only way you will find The Best Minecraft 1.17 Resource Packs is if you actually try them out yourself! Just make sure to download Optifine though.

The list above can be a great starting point for giving the best Minecraft resource packs a shot and guiding you on which ones are actually worth trying.

At the end of the day it all depends on your play-style, gaming preference and favorite genre. Have fun! Game on!

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Have you used this pack or having trouble downloading and installing? Leave a comment below!


Peter Schwartz


My name is Peter Schwartz or better known as Mr.MCRP. I am an Avid Minecraft fan since it was first released in 2009. I gathered a group of smart and awesome Minecraft fans as well and we have compiled tons and tons of texture packs and we have dedicated it to help you - fellow fans to get the best texture packs ever.

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