Best Bedwars PvP Texture Packs for Minecraft

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published April 4, 2022
Updated: April 4, 2022
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published April 4, 2022
Updated: April 4, 2022

Knowing what are the best Bedwars PvP texture packs for Minecraft is essential to know since this specific game mode has become one of the most popular gameplay options available.

There are at least 100 hundred Minecraft servers which have started adding Bedwars ever since Hypixel made the whole concept so famous.


These days at least 100,000 players play Bedwars every single day. One of the most obvious reasons for this is because this game mode doesn't only test your skill with a sword.

Bedwars also tests your entire Minecraft abilities such as crafting, parkour and even throwing skills. You need to combine fast reflexes with a clear mind to be able to quickly think of your next move to not loose.


You can't just win at win at this game mode by luck. You need to be able to think fast in this fast paced PvP mode while jumping from block to block to doge arrows, bombs and magic spells.

That's why plenty of players tend to use the best Bedwars PvP texture packs to ensure that they get the most reaction time that can possibly get.

Bedwars is continuously growing and it's only going to progress further as new features are added on a regular basis to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Best Bedwars PvP Texture Packs for Minecraft

What is Bedwars

Bedwars is a strategic game that's popular on Minecraft servers like Hypixel. Each team has its own island in the game, and there is a bed on it.

The goal of this game is for the players to defend their castle from being destroyed by blocks that may be purchased in the shop.

If the bed is destroyed, the players on the team will be unable to respawn. A 'hole-in-the-wall', four-by-four block location in a player's own islands known as a forge exists.

This game mode is absolutely fast paced which is why plenty of gamers opt to use the best Bedwars PvP texture packs to help them boost Minecraft's overall experience while getting new textures.

The forge may provide players with gold and iron, which can be spent in the item shop. The second island is known as diamond island, and it also has a green island called "spawn" or "mid," which is frequently referred to as such.

At these islands, the players may find both diamonds and emeralds. Emeralds allow the player to enhance their own gear, while diamonds allow them to upgrade items for their team, especially their forge.

This game is all about surviving. Bedwars may be played with a variety of numbers of people and teams.

Bedwars 3

Why Use Bedwars PvP Texture Packs

Bedwars is usually played on Minecraft 1.8.9 this is because it is considered as one of the most perfect versions in terms of PvP.

This is because there are not delays in terms of strikes, and you can do combos repeatedly.

Texture packs usually make the game more interesting to play, and can help players achieve victory.

The best Bedwars PvP texture packs are often designed to improve a player's Minecraft experience while getting the best possible response time from their devices.

The Best Bedwars PvP Texture Packs

There are several PvP texture packs available however our team of dedicated Minecraft fanatics have all gathered and brainstormed to compile the best of the best.

All packs in this list were judged from their popularity, overall aesthetic value, FPS improvements and number of total downloads.

So, without further a do, here are the best Bedwars PvP texture packs for Minecraft.

5. Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack 1.8.9 128x

Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack 1.8.9 - 2

Coming in at the 5th spot on our list of Best Bedwars PvP Texture Packs is this fairly new pack. However, just because it's new doesn't mean it lacks users.

Yuruze created this fantastic PvP Texture Pack to commemorate his friend Bedless Noob's 450,000th subscriber.

Given that Minecraft isn't at top form any more, achieving this is quite remarkable. This adds to the excitement.

The game's signature 'Clash' style, along with lovely custom armor and weapons for some serious PvP combat, is represented here. It also has a 128x resolution, ensuring that it looks smooth and elegant.

Even if this resource pack has some pretty high resolutions it does perform very fast. You can easily do combos and smite all of your enemies easily with this pack.

4. Dragonfruit PvP Texture Pack 32x

PvP Texture Pack Dragonfruit 32x

iSparkton created and submitted the Wildstar Dragonfruit PvP Texture Pack. The UHC Resource Pack's PvP items are 32ร—32 in resolution, while blocks are 16ร—16, making it somewhat FPS-Friendly.

This UHC PvP Texture Pack was also designed for 1.8.9, and it will work with all versions of the game from that point forward.

If you want the best possible fps for your computer, it's strongly recommended that you use a PvP Texture Pack in conjunction with Optifine.

We ranked this pack as number four on our list of Best Bedwars PvP Texture Packs due to it's fast paced performance and high quality visuals.

3. Brndy Rose Gold Revamp PvP Texture Pack 128x

Brndy Rose Gold Revamp

The Brndy Rose Gold Revamp Pack is an update of the original Brndy Rose Gold Pack. iSparkton created the new version, which was released in June 2018.

The Brndy Rose Gold Pack is a popular UHC pack that was created for a YouTuber as a 10K special. It ranks 3rd on our list of the best Bedwars PvP texture packs due to it's great aesthetics and fast FPS.

The higher resolution from the resolution has taken the old 32x pack and made it more smooth and appealing. Despite having higher resolutions it is still an FPS Boosting PvP Texture Pack.

The game's visuals, which haven't changed in a while. One of the major benefits of this upgrade is the smooth textures, amazing particles, and attractive potions.

The Resource Pack works with most prior versions, but it appears to be designed specially for Minecraft 1.8.9.

2. War v2 PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 64x

War v2 PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 (UHC, 64x)

When you read that this was going to be a best Bedwars PvP Texture Packs list you might have already anticipated seeing this pack somewhere in the list.

The War V2 PvP texture pack is a well-known Minecraft PvP texture pack. This texture pack requires a 64x resolution, which is four times the resolution of the default Minecraft textures.

It has some excellent texture designs, especially for weapons. It makes the other textures appear to be incredibly smooth, and it adds thicker outlines.

This texture pack mostly replaces the original PvP texture packs. It does, however, modify some of the veins and ores in the game.

It's also worth noting that this texture pack was utilized by Technoblade for some time. This texture pack is rather popular as a result of this.

1. Dynamic Duo PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 32x

Dynamic Duo 32x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack - 3

Coming first in our list of the best Bedwars PvP texture packs for Minecraft is probably already familiar to you.

This UHC PvP Texture pack that was specifically created for the sole purpose to improve the game's PvP experience.

Let's face it, the game's default textures are passable, but they aren't the greatest looking melee weapons for taking down other players.

This texture pack replaces the vanilla textures with ones that look extremely appropriate for PvP.

Despite the fact that it is built in 32x resolutions, it runs at a blistering fast FPS. It has well-designed textures and a great overall concept, especially with weapons.

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