What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft 

 Last Modified March 28, 2022

 Published March 27, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft - 1

It is known that channeling is a relatively new enchantment for Minecraft which adds bonus powers to your Trident but What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft.

This awesome enchantment is actually one of the most powerful upgrades that you can possibly get in Minecraft especially during thunderstorms.


So how do you get this enchantment? How to use it? And how can you leverage it's full powers? Read on to know more about this amazing weapons upgrade.

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft - 2

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft

Channeling is a new enchantment that was introduced in the Minecraft 1.13 update. It can be applied to Tridents and gives it the ability to call down a lightning bolt from the sky when used during a thunderstorm.


The trident will only call down lightning if it is raining and the mob has the sky directly above it, meaning if the mob is in a cave or underground channeling won't hit it.

When you use commands, you may summon a lightning bolt at a mob by utilizing the channeling enchantment and changing the weather to "rain & thunder."

The highest level of the Channeling enchantment is Level 1. This implies that you can only channel a trident up to Channeling I, and nothing higher for this enchantment.

Do know that Riptide is not compatible with Enchantment. Even if you use commands to force them to be enchanted together into one Trident Riptide will overshadow channeling in terms of effects.

So essentially that is the answer to the question what does channeling do in Minecraft. Overall it's a very powerful enchantment.

It's also a pretty nifty channeling for PvP however chances to have a lightning storm while PvPing are very slim especially on servers where weather is fixed.

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft - 3

How to Get Channeling in Minecraft

Channeling is available and can be obtained from enchantment tables and raid drops. In the Bedrock version of Minecraft they can also be obtained from books obtained by fishing.

Additionally, there are also other ways to potentially get this enchantment. You can get them from minecart chests, dungeon chests, librarian villagers, and from chests found in Overworld non-village structures.

Do note that all of the chances are completely random. No percentages has been provided even on the Minecraft-wiki sites.

So the key would be to not loose hope and keep on grinding until you can eventually find the enchantment. If you are really determined enchanted books would be your best option to get it.

Since you already know what does channeling do in Minecraft you are probably going to want to get the enchanted book with Channeling and use it on your trident.

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft - 4

How to Add Channeling to My Trident

In order to add t he channeling enchantment to your trident you just need to follow the same procedures as enchanting with any other equipment through the enchantment table interface.

You must go to an enchantment table or anvil. Place your trident on the ground once you arrive. From the enchantment book, choose Channeling and apply it to the weapon.

If you follow these steps, you should notice that your weapon has been enchanted with Channeling.

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft - 5

How to Use Channeling in Minecraft

Since you already know what does channeling do in Minecraft, you are probably trying to figure out how use it too.

Using this enchantment is fairly easy. Just equip your newly enchanted trident and go outside during a thunderstorm.

When you find a mob, hold down your right-click button to charge the weapon. Release the button and watch as a lightning bolt strikes from the sky and hits your target.

The damage dealt by this lightning bolt is dependent on how close you are to the mob when you release the button. The further away you are, the less damage it will deal.

So make sure that you are fairly close to your target for maximum effect! Knowing what does channeling do in Minecraft is helpful so you can use it to it's fullest effect.

Do know that you need the weather to be a thunderstorm for this enchantment to use it's full potential.

Channeling Enchantments Fun Facts

  • Hitting a creeper with this enchantment on your trident evolves the mob into a charged creeper which has more explosive power than a regular one
  • Hitting a pig with this enchantment turns the mob into a zombified pigli
  • Hitting a mooshroom with this enchantment change them into their opposite colors
  • Knowing what does channeling do in Minecraft can give you an advantage when picking the perfect enchantments to put in your trident
  • Using the Loyalty enchantment together with Channeling is one of the most deadly combinations in a thunderstorm
  • Tridents launched at lightning rods will always result in a lightning storm without the need for a mob
  • Skeleton horses do not appear or spawn when lightning from Channeling strikes

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