Minecraft Mooshroom

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 31, 2020
Updated: January 31, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 31, 2020
Updated: January 31, 2020

Minecraft Mooshrooms are bizarre creatures that are some strange hybrid of a cow and a mushroom. Hence the name! These weird but wonderful mobs are one of the more unusual passive mobs that can be found in the overworld.

What is a Minecraft Mooshroom?

Mooshrooms are rare variants of the standard Minecraft cow. They only spawn in one particular biome, hence the rarity. Mooshrooms can be identified by their distinctive coat that mimics the red and brown mushrooms items, though the red mushroom variant is more common. Mooshrooms have small horns, with one on each side of their head, and adult mooshrooms have mushrooms growing on their backs.

How does the Minecraft Mooshroom work?


Mushrooms are relatively rare as they can only spawn in mushroom biomes, which seems a bit obvious now I’m writing it down. Mooshrooms can be found just as easily as cows in regular biomes, in fact they are practically identical in their function. They can be found to spawn in herds of 4-8 mooshrooms and they can be easily lead or bred by using wheat.


Mooshooms are not only funny to look at, but they also serve a few purposes as well that could help you on your survival Minecraft journies. First off, mooshrooms can be sheared by using the shear item on their back. This will remove the mushrooms and place them in your inventory. The mushrooms that you shear will be relative to the colour variant of the mooshroom. For instance, red mooshrooms only provide red mushrooms.


Like cows, mooshrooms can be ‘milked’ for mushroom stew. Instead of using a bucket, players can use an empty bowl item on an adult mooshroom to fill the bowl with stew. What’s more, brown mooshrooms can also create the suspicious stew item.

If brown mooshrooms are fed a flower, the next bowl that is ‘milked’ from them will be a suspicious stew with the properties assigned to that flower. However, after this the mooshroom will continue to produce mushroom stew when milked until fed another flower.

Room for more

Mooshrooms are much better farm animals than cows due to their multiple food products. While mooshrooms can produce mushroom stew and mushrooms, they also drop leather and beef upon death, essentially making them cows but with added benefits.

What’s good about the Minecraft Mooshroom?

✔Very rare and unusual cow variant

✔Can make suspicious stew

✔Can be farmed for mushrooms and mushroom stew

What isn’t as good about the Minecraft Mooshroom?

X Rarity makes them difficult to find

X Drops common items

Minecraft Mooshroom Must-knows:

  • Mooshrooms can be bred with regular Minecraft cows after being sheared of their mushrooms.

  • When two red mooshrooms breed, their offspring has a 1⁄1024 chance to spawn as a brown mushroom. This also applies vice versa.

  • Baby mooshrooms are not born with mushrooms. Instead they develop them as they grow.

  • Mooshrooms can alternate between the brown and red texture variants by being struck by lightning.

  • In the game Minecraft Earth, there is an alternative version of the mooshroom called the “moobloom”, as it is covered in buttercup flowers.

  • The name ‘Mooshroom’ is a blend between the words ‘mushroom’ and ‘moo’, the onomatopoeic sound that cows make. 


There are already multiple minecraft texturepacks available for animals. You can find it scattered everywhere. There are several more types of animals that you can find in Minecraft. The most common term used for Animals is Mobs. There are neutral mobs, passive mobs and agressive mobs which will attack you. You can find texture packs for mobs and minecraft animals in minecraft-resourcepacks.com.

It has already been a given topic that some of the mobs that you can find in the game are absolutely rare while some are super common. In the recent updtes of Minecraft there have even been different types of fish now, Back in the days there was only a single type of fish.

With it’s continous updates Minecraft Animals and Mobs will keep growing in variaty and variants making the game even more fun and exciting than ever before.

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