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Minecraft Wolf - 1
Minecraft Pigs - 1
Minecraft Ocelot - 1
Minecraft Mooshroom - 1

Minecraft Mooshroom

Minecraft Mooshrooms are bizarre creatures that are some strange hybrid of a cow and a mushroom. Hence the name! These weird but wonderful mobs...
Minecraft Llama

Minecraft Llama

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a sheep? Is it a horse? No, it’s a Llama! These fluffy and often ill-tempered creatures...
Minecraft Animals - 1

Minecraft Animals

Minecraft Animals. The overworld would be a very lonely place without them. Since the game’s humble beginnings the blocky world we inhabit has been...
Minecraft Horses

Minecraft Horse

Woah-there, buckaroo! Looking to hear about Minecraft horses are you? Well, you’ve certainly moseyed on down to the right place, partner. Ahem. Well enough...
Minecraft Killer Bunny - 1

Minecraft Killer Bunny

Minecraft Killer Bunny. Wait, what? Yes, it’s true! Many of you might not have heard of its existence, as only the most dedicated of...
Minecraft Dog - 1

Minecraft Dog

Minecraft Dogs are a unique mob in Minecraft that act as both loyal companions and faithful protectors to their owners. They are found in...
Minecraft Donkey - 1

Minecraft Donkey

Minecraft Donkey, Minecraft Donkey, on the dusty road! Ahem. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Donkeys have been in the game since 1.6.1 and have remained...