Minecraft Blocks List and How to Get Them 

 Last Modified December 11, 2022

 Published December 3, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

Minecraft Blocks List and How to Get Them - 0

Whether you are a hardcore fan or just an occasional Minecraft player, you need to know about the different Minecraft blocks that are available for you to use.

Minecraft is a game of exploration and building, so understanding what kind of blocks you are out there and how can get them can be helpful for any Minecraft enthusiast.


In this article we will cover the Minecraft Blocks List and How to Get Them.

Minecraft Blocks List and How to Get Them - 1

What are Minecraft Blocks and how do you get them

There are many different kinds of Minecraft blocks, from basic dirt and sandstone to more exotic varieties like quartz and Nether rack.


Each type of block has its own unique characteristics and uses, making it important to understand which ones work best in different situations before committing to building with them.

You can customize the appearance and look of these Minecraft blocks by using Minecraft resource packs to make it look more customized to your appeal.

To help with this process, here is a list of some of the most common Minecraft blocks:

Natural Blocks

These blocks naturally occur in the world and are generated each time world is created.

Dirt: Most Minecraft blocks start off with dirt. It's the foundation of any Minecraft structure and is easily harvested with a shovel.

Sandstone: This type of block is often used for building walls and foundations because it can be crafted into different shapes and sizes. It also has excellent durability properties, making it an ideal choice for structures that will stand up to wear and tear over time.

Bedrock: This Minecraft block is the strongest in the game and can only be broken with an explosion or the /give command. Its incredible strength makes it perfect for foundations, walls or any other build where durability is key.

Ores and Minerals

Ore blocks require the use of a pickaxe if you want to mine these blocks

Coal Ore: Coal can be found pretty much everywhere and is a common sight in every map. A wooden pickaxe is the minimum requirement to mine coal.

Iron Ore: Iron ore can be found in all layers between 64 (sea level) and bedrock. They’re very easy to find and players will often ignore them once they have a decent supply of iron.

Gold Ore: Gold ores can be found in the bottom 32 layers and aren’t too difficult to find. Gold is used in many crafted items, including armor and tools, but their durability is very low.


Are blocks part of the natural world in Minecraft. They make up the trees, grass etc.

Cactus blocks: Cacti can only grow on sand, up to a height of 3 blocks. Cacti will hurt monsters and players who come into contact with it and can destroy any block that’s dropped onto it.

Dandelions: Yellow flowers (dandelions) can be found in every land biome with the exception of desert biomes.

Nether Blocks

These blocks are unique to the nether but can be taken to other dimensions.

Nether rack: Found in the Nether dimension, these blocks are made of solid Nether rack, making them extremely difficult to break and ideal for builds that need to last.

Glow stone block: These blocks emit light, just like torches, but have the added advantage of being able to be placed under water or in the flow of water. 

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Full List of Minecraft Blocks

Want to know all of the blocks? Here is the full list of Minecraft Blocks.

Acacia Wood

Acacia Wood Stairs

Acacia Wooden Plank

Activator Rail
Bed Block

Birch Wood Stairs

Birch Wooden Plank

Black Carpet

Black Stained Clay

Black Stained Glass

Black Stained Glass Pane

Black Wool
Block Of Coal
Blue Carpet
Blue Orchid

Blue Stained Clay

Blue Stained Glass

Blue Stained Glass Pane

Blue Wool
Brewing Stand
Brick Slab
Brick Stairs
Brown Carpet
Brown Mushroom

Brown Mushroom Cap

Brown-Stained Clay

Brown-Stained Glass

Brown-Stained Glass Pane

Brown Wool
Cake Block
Carrot Block

Chiseled Quartz Block

Chiseled Sandstone

Chiseled Stone Monster Egg

Clay Block
Coal Ore

Cobblestone Monster Egg

Cobblestone Slab

Cobblestone Stairs

Cobblestone Wall

Cocoa Plant
Command Block

Cracked Stone Brick

Cracked Stone Monster Egg

Cyan Carpet

Cyan-Stained Clay

Cyan-Stained Glass

Cyan-Stained Glass Pane

Cyan Wool
Dark Oak Wood

Dark Oak Wood Stairs

Dark Oak Wooden Plank

Daylight Sensor
Dead Shrub
Detector Rail
Diamond Block
Diamond Ore

Double Brick Slab

Double Cobblestone Slab

Double Nether Brick Slab

Double Wooden Slab

Double Quartz Slab

Double Sandstone Slab

Double Stone Brick Slab

Double Stone Slab

Double Tallgrass

Double Wooden Slab

Dragon Egg
Emerald Block
Emerald Ore

Enchantment Table

End Portal

End Portal Frame

End Stone
Ender Chest
Fence Gate
Glass Pane

Glowing Redstone Ore

Glowstone Block
Gold Block
Gold Ore
Gray Carpet

Gray Stained Clay

Gray Stained Glass

Gray Stained Glass Pane

Gray Wool
Green Carpet

Green Stained Clay

Green Stained Glass

Green Stained Glass Pane

Green Wool
Hardened Clay
Hay Bale
Iron Bars
Iron Block
Iron Door
Iron Ore
Jack O Lantern

Jungle Wood Stairs

Jungle Wooden Plank


Lapis Lazuli Block

Lapis Lazuli Ore
Large Fern
Grass Lava
Leaves Birch
Leaves Jungle
Leaves Spruce
Light Blue Carpet

Light Blue Stained Clay

Light Blue Stained Glass

Light Blue Stained Glass Pane

Light Blue Wool

Light Gray Carpet

Light Gray Stained Clay

Light Gray Stained Glass

Light Gray Stained Glass Pane

Light Gray Wool
Lily Pad
Lime Carpet

Lime Stained Clay

Lime Stained Glass

Lime Stained Glass Pane

Lime Wool
Live Shrub
Magenta Carpet

Magenta Stained Clay

Magenta Stained Glass

Magenta Stained Glass Pane

Magenta Wool
Melon Block
Mob Head
Monster Spawner

Mossy Cobblestone Wall

Mossy Stone

Mossy Stone Brick

Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg

Nether Brick

Nether Brick Slab

Nether Quartz Ore Block

Note Block
Orange Carpet

Orange Stained Clay

Orange Stained Glass

Orange Stained Glass Pane

Orange Tulip
Orange Wool
Oxeye Daisy
Packed Ice

Pillar Quartz Block

Pink Carpet

Pink Stained Clay

Pink Stained Glass

Pink Stained Glass Pane

Pink Tulip
Pink Wool
Potato Block
Powered Rail
Purple Carpet

Purple Stained Clay

Purple Stained Glass

Purple Stained Glass Pane

Purple Wool
Quartz Block
Quartz Slab
Quartz Stairs
Red Carpet

Red Mushroom Cap

Red Sand
Red Stained Clay

Red Stained Glass

Red Stained Glass Pane

Red Tulip
Red Wool
Redstone Block

Redstone Comparator

Redstone Comparator Active

Redstone Comparator Inactive

Redstone Lamp Off

Redstone Lamp On

Redstone Ore

Redstone Repeater

Redstone Repeater Block Off

Redstone Repeater Block On

Redstone Torch Off

Redstone Torch On

Rose Bush
Sandstone Slab
Sandstone Stairs
Sign Post

Smooth Sandstone

Grass Snow
Snow Block
Soul Sand

Spruce Wood Stairs

Spruce Wooden Plank

Stationary Lava
Stationary Water
Sticky Piston

Stone Brick Monster Egg

Stone Brick Slab

Stone Brick Stairs

Stone Bricks

Stone Monster Egg

Stone Pressure Plate

Stone Slab

Sugar Cane Block

Tall Dead Shrub
Tall Grass
Trapped Chest
Tripwire Hook
Web Block

Weighted Pressure Plate Heavy

Weighted Pressure Plate Light

White Carpet

White Stained Clay

White Stained Glass

White Stained Glass Pane

White Tulip
White Wool
Wood Birch
Wood Jungle
Wood Oak
Wood Spruce
Wood Stairs
Wooden Button
Wooden Plank

Wooden Pressure Plate

Wooden Slab

Wooden Slab Block

Yellow Carpet

Yellow Stained Clay

Yellow Stained Glass

Yellow Stained Glass Pane

Yellow Wool
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The Power of Knowing All Minecraft Blocks

Once you know what type of Minecraft block is available, understanding how to get them can help ensure your Minecraft experience is maximized.

Most blocks can be mined directly from the Minecraft world using a pickaxe or shovel, but certain types like quartz or Nether rack require special tools such as an enchantment table or command blocks in order to obtain them.

Additionally, Minecraft players can explore naturally occurring structures such as dungeons or mineshafts to find rare blocks like gold ore and diamonds.

Minecraft also has a vast selection of items that can be crafted using specific materials - for example, an enchantment table requires bookshelves and obsidian blocks in order to be constructed.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Minecraft Blocks List and How to Get Them, you’re ready to get your build on! You can try to make some awesome Minecraft mansions too.

With so many different kinds of blocks available, there’s no limit to what kind of Minecraft constructions you can create.

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