Top 64x Resource Packs for Minecraft

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published August 7, 2021
Updated: August 7, 2021
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published August 7, 2021
Updated: August 7, 2021

The never ending demand for better visuals is a non-stop journey for game developers. Minecraft, a game whos graphics is not the basis on why it's being played is no exception. Higher resolution texture packs keep coming out which replace the default textures to something more smoother. So we rallied once again to give you the top 64x resource packs for Minecraft.

64x resource packs for Minecraft provide gamers the added value of having smoother visuals without sacrificing FPS by that much. It makes the visuals of the game look so much better, but at the expense of owning a few drops on speed. This is because the 64x resolution isn't very harsh when it comes to eating up resources. However, some of these packs are indeed very beefy.

What are 64x Resource Packs


64x is a resolution size for Minecraft. This is pixel size is four times larger than the original resolutions of the game. This resolution is the first tier of what are considered as High resolution textures. Although there are more higher resolutions, 64x is very popular especially for those with mid-spec set-ups.

64x resource packs are available for both single and multiplayer modes. This means that players who use 64x resource packs can include or exclude these textures in their world as they want. 64x resource packs have better performance than higher resolutions such as 256x. It creates less work for the video card to process this large number than a decimal one which is used.


The Top 64x Resource Packs for Minecraft

Although not exactly realistic, 64x packs do make the game look better. Our team of dedicated Minecraft fanatics have gathered once again and gave our noggins a good workout. We scavenged through out multiple forums to figure out which texture packs are being talked about. 

We then discussed and talked about which packs deserve to be on our list. After 1 week, we made the decision. The die has been cast, and the votes are in. Let us present to you the top 64x resource packs for Minecraft.

Faithful 64x 1.17 - Compliance Resource Pack 3

Technically a Faithful texture pack by genre, Compliance 64x makes the game better by modifying the overall look of Minecraft with little to no alteration to it's original designs. All you can notice when you first download this resource pack is the fact that everything will start to look better. Combined with BSL Shaders, it's sure to make Minecraft look amazingly beautiful without looking too realistic.

We ranked this resource pack as the number 3 top 64x resource pack due to the fact that it is highly popular to modern purists. The overall aesthetic value that this pack provides is amazingly huge. Every aspect and block has been customized to look more beautiful as ever. This pack is definitely worth a try.

War v2 PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 (UHC, 64x) - 3

You might be asking, what is a PvP texture pack doing in a top resource packs list? well, the answer is simple War V2 isn't your conventional PvP texture pack which only alters PvP related items. It is actually a full immersion PvP pack which transforms almost all of the blocks from the game to make it look more suitable for PvP action.

It features outlined blocks to make them more tough. It also features full replacements for the textures in all weapons and swords. It also adds custom particles, and new looks for potions, and consumables. Plus, it has an amazing custom night sky to top if all off. This is why we ranked this texture pack as number 2 on our list of the top 64x resource packs for Minecraft.

Faithful 128x 1.18 - main

If you want to talk about classics then this pack is definitely worth mentioning. Although the original Faithful 32x is more popular, this pack also has it's fair share of popularity. Being the upgraded variant of the original faithful does have it's own perks.

This texture pack replaces the vanilla textures with better looking resources which do not remove any essence from the original. However, it does make it look better by multiple times. This resource pack makes the game more aesthetic and works well with any of the top shaders for Minecraft.

We ranked this resource pack number 1 on the top 64x resource packs for Minecraft for it's overall popularity and the immense number of downloads that it has. With over 3,000,000 downloads just from our servers there is no question why this pack is one of the most talked about, and used world wide.

Key Takeaway

From this article we hope that we could guide you in informing you which 64x resolution packs are the best to download. With all the resource packs which come out everyday sometimes it might get tiresome. They can be used in conjunction with shaders, as Shaders make them look absolutely more beautiful.

With 64x resources you get a great experience such four times more pixel per block on screen. Four times more mob textures and models rendered on screen at once too! The trees will look incredible, and the blocks will look amazing. Overall the game will look more smoother. This will hopefully give you more reason to play Minecraft.

At the end of the day, no matter which resource pack you choose to download and use, it all comes to whether you love playing with it or not. No worries though, we have tons and tons of resource packs, and packs are relatively easy to install. Download and try them all. Game on!

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My name is Peter Schwartz or better known as Mr.MCRP. I am an Avid Minecraft fan since it was first released in 2009. I gathered a group of smart and awesome Minecraft fans as well and we have compiled tons and tons of texture packs and we have dedicated it to help you - fellow fans to get the best texture packs ever.

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