Top 32x Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.17

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published August 6, 2021
Updated: August 6, 2021
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published August 6, 2021
Updated: August 6, 2021

Minecraft was originally created to run on 16x pixel size. This is the reason why it looks blocky and pixelated. This is why texture packs started to emerge which doubled the default resolution. To honor one of the first resolution updates, we decided to create the list of the top 32x resource packs for Minecraft.

In Minecraft you mine blocks that can be used to create buildings and other structures or materials such as food, water sources and ores. 32x texture packs usually use 32x resolution and are created in 32x scale. This is the reason why 32x resource packs have two times more pixels than default 16x Minecraft textures . 

What are 32x Resource Packs


These are game customizations which alter the textures of your resource to double the overall pixel count of the default resource packs of the game. In return, it makes Minecraft twice as smooth, and gives it a nice contour. It makes the game more aesthetically better. But then again it depends on how good the resource pack was made.

There are many types of Minecraft 32x resources packs available on the web. However, there aren't very many 32x premium ones which look good and feel right. That's why you need to make sure that you have downloaded the best ones from safe and legitimate sites like


Our team of Minecraft fanatics have gathered once again to gather information and bring to you the top 32x resource packs for Minecraft.

The Top 32x Resource Packs for Minecraft

The 32x resource packs we have gathered up are the best ones available and they are all nearly perfect. A 32x resolution is a nice upgrade compared to 16x Minecraft textures . The 32x texture pack allows you to see objects more clearly because it's twice as detailed compared to the vanilla textures. It's not as crisp as HD texture packs, but it does get the job done in making the game look better.

We have only selected the packs which have been the most downloaded from multiple sources. We also did a survey from a sample size of 15,000 Minecraft players. Aside from that, we also went through different forums to see which packs have been the most talked about.

The votes have been cast. So, without further deliberation we present to you the top 32x resource packs for Minecraft.

Celesta 32x 1.17 Modern PvP Pack Article - 3

Celesta resource pack provides a 32x resolution and it's one of the newest packs available online. It features a 32x resolution with dynamic shadows, custom sky boxes, real 3d polygons and bump mapping. Celesta will look great on your HD monitor or TV as well as on 2k monitors.

Celesta is originally designed as a PvP texture pack. It has been rated as the #1 32x resource pack by some players who play Minecraft PvP games and servers. It provides improved performance without compromising quality Real 3D cuboids.

We ranked this pack number 5 of our top 32x resource packs list due to it's overall popularity and usage from Minecraft players around the world.

CreatorPack 32x 1.17.1 - 2

This texture pack is a 32x resolution pack that was created by the created for the purpose of making the game look more appealing to a certain group of gamers. It features high quality 32x resolution textures with 3D models. Creator packs contain realistic details . This 32x resource pack has updated block and item textures including armor, saddles, food items and more.

CreatorPack 32x was ranked number 4 on our list of the top 32x resource packs due to it being highly popular with 32x users and also for it's high quality images. As you can see and observe after downloading this pack, you can quickly see how immersive the overall concept and designs of this pack is.


This texture pack is one of the most beautifully designed resource packs ever especially when you look at the redesign of all of the mobs and bosses. This beefy yet fruitful texture pack is sure to knock your socks off as your fight off scarier looking mobs especially the creeper. You're in for a surprise when you see them.

We ranked this resource pack as the number 3 top 32x resource pack for Minecraft because of how original and good the custom textures look. The overall value that the new designs of each block and armor is also not to be taken for granted.

John Smith Legacy 1.17.1 Resource Pack - 1

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 7 years of Minecraft, chances are you have already heard of this resource pack. It has been a well known classic especially for all of the fans of Medieval and RPG themes. This texture pack has already created it's own place in the hearts of all Minecraft players in the world.

As much as we would love to make this resource pack as number 1, there is still another pack more legendary as this one. This is why we have to rank this pack as number 2 on our list of the top 32x resource packs for Minecraft. Keep on reading to know which pack rivals John Smith Legacy.

Faithful 32x 1.16.1 - Best Minecraft Texture Pack - 2

If you have been playing Minecraft since resource packs where officially allowed, then you probably already heard of Faithful 32x. It is the most popular, most downloaded, and most used resource pack in the world until this day. The only modification more downloaded than Faithful is Optifine

This resource pack takes the default textures of Minecraft and evolves it into something more aesthetic. However, it does not change a single pixel of the original themes of the game. It remains True and always "Faithful" to the original concepts that Minecraft was created with. It makes the game better without changing how it looks.

When you started reading this article you might have already felt that Faithful 32x is going to be the number 1 top 32x resource pack for Minecraft. Through the years this pack has muscled through the test of time. Still strong, still getting updated regularly, and still popular than ever.

Key Takeaway

If you think 32x resource packs will not work for your computer, then you can always try out 16x texture packs as they use less memory and will save you some resource usage in the long run. 32x texture packs are great if you are playing PvP on servers or want something better to look at.

Each 32x resource pack has their own individual look and feel and they are all great for different reasons. We hope we were able to help you make a better decision when it comes to picking 32x resource packs. No matter which pack you choose, at the end of the day it all comes back whether you are enjoying the game more with the pack.

Download a 32x resource pack now, install it, and game on!

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