MrBeast Pays $16,000 to Build Him a Minecraft House 

 Last Modified September 9, 2021

 Published September 4, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

MrBeast Pays $16,000 to Build Him a Minecraft House

On August 29, 2021 MrBeast Pays $16,000 to Build Him a Minecraft House.

This amazing feat has brought in plenty of criticism but at the same time tons of his fans even love him more than ever.


Millions and Millions of players are always ready to give their likes and view each of his videos due to his crazy financial stunts.

This one was just as amazing.


MrBeast, who is legally named Jimmy Donaldson, paid a professional Minecraft builder $5,000 to construct him a home, and it turned out to be much more than simply a house.

MrBeast Minecraft House - 1

"It was full of surprises and even contraptions that would blow your mind."

This Minecraft Map was so amazing that it earned the winner that whopping amount of cash.

It's no secret that 'Minecraft' fan 'MrBeast' is obsessed with the game. He's been seriously involved in the game for a long time.

He has hosted multiple challenges and contests thorough the years.

He even sponsored an event wherein a gamer could get rewarded as much as $30,000 if they are able to beat TommyInnit.

However, in one of his most recent projects, he hired professional Minecraft builders to construct him in-game homes ranging from $5 to $16,000.

In order to win the game, a builder needs to earn the highest ratings to earn a whopping $10,000.


Jimmy Donaldson dropped out of college in the fall of 2016 to try to answer one of the most perplexing questions in media: how do you go viral on YouTube?

Since he was 12, Donaldson had been uploading material to the site and had yet to gain a significant following.

But he was confident that with enough study, he would soon be able to crack the code and dominate YouTube.


 โ€œI woke up, studied YouTube, studied videos, and studied filmmaking."

During the following months, Donaldson and a few of his pals attempted to crack the code.

They held daily phone conversations to determine which videos went viral.

They gave one another YouTube-related homework projects and pestered prominent channels for information on their most successful postings.

Then, one day, he was inspired to make a video that he was confident would succeed.

It was as easy as adding numbers together.

For the next 40+ hours, MrBeast sat in a chair and recited one number after another, starting at zero and continuing all the way to 100,000.

He thought it was crazy.

Fast forward to the present he is now one of the highest earning YouTubers with the most fan solid fan base.


"There are some very good Minecraft Builds you can download and use for free"

Minecraft Builds and Maps

There are tons and tons of Minecraft builds available for download online.

You can a download Minecraft House for Minecraft anytime you think is fitting.

You do not have to be ashamed.

There are plenty of Minecraft houses which you can get free incase you do not have the $16,000 to get famous Minecraft builders to make you a Mega Minecraft house.

Here are some of the Minecraft Houses that you might want to check-out and download for free.

Minecraft House - Alpha House 2

The Alpha House is a fantastic Minecraft construction map with two beautiful modern constructions which you can find.

Despite the name of the house there are actually two houses to play with and explore.

Redstone Smart House 1

The Redstone Smart House is a magnificent and amazing construction project built in Minecraft.

The map feels like a fantastic attraction at an amusement park, and with each new room you enter, there are more ingenious Redstone contraptions to discover.

Ocean View Modern Mansion 1

The stunning Modern House by Water View is a particularly well-built Minecraft home that has been heavily influenced by modern opulence homes only available to the super rich.

This is a construction for architectural enthusiasts.

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