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Minecraft House - Alpha House is a modern Minecraft map with two beautifully unique builds. Explore on your own or with a friend in this contemporary styled map.

What is Alpha House?

Alpha House is a creative Minecraft build map that consists of two stunning, modern Minecraft constructions. Although named Alpha House, there’s two homes to play with and explore.

What is Alpha House like to play?

Alpha House is a great look at some quality modern Minecraft creativity. There’s two houses to wander around in here, and they each have their own beautiful style.

One of the builds is a giant white monument that is evocative of contemporary museum design. The house has giant windows that cover entire sections of the house’s diagonal design.

The second build looks a lot different. Instead of a solely modern approach, it combines inspiration from both contemporary and classic architecture. The first section of the house is constructed like a medieval house, with classic wooden beams and white wool walls.

In stark contrast to this, the rest of the building is beautifully modern, and has a lot of the same stylings as a large airport terminal. This section is made up of long diagonal white beams and blue frosted glass.

The main issue with these houses is that some of the space could be considered impractical. The space is there, I’ll admit, but some will probably be left wanting more space for storage and other amenities. The other main issue is that these buildings are made on a superflat map, so there’s not a lot of potential for incorporating these builds into your next survival run.

Although, if you’re more into the technical sides of map making, you could always use a map editor and copy the builds into a regular Minecraft world.

On the inside of the builds, the interiors are equally modern in their furnishings. You’ll notice a lot of open plan use, along with bold, minimalist decoration and slabs galore. In both buildings, you’ll find multiple large and open living areas that are supplied with plenty of powered and natural light. Here you have dedicated eating areas, storage, as well as bedrooms and libraries.

The properties are also tastefully decorated with well-placed paintings and delicate floral arrangements throughout.

In summary, this map gives you two excellently made modern Minecraft houses that you can make use of by yourself or even with a group of friends. Although you won’t get much survival use out of it, this map would be a great inspiration for your future Minecraft projects or would make a nice map to spend a few hours messing around with.

What are the pros of Alpha House?

✔ Two houses to play with

✔ Impressive design

✔ High quality build style

What are the cons of Alpha House?

X Can’t use for survival

X Not much practical space

X Too modern for some players

How do I install Alpha House?

If you’ve been sold on our run down of the Alpha House map and want to play it for yourself, just keep on reading below to see our handy guide on easy Minecraft map installs.

The first step is to download Alpha House. When you’ve got that done, you need to unzip the downloaded zip folder using a file extractor (our favourite is Winrar). Once that’s finished, take your unzipped map file and place it into the folder where your Minecraft saves are stored.

The location for this will be different depending on what operating system you use, but you can use the table below to find out where your location will be:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Just place the map into your saves folder and select Alpha House in your Minecraft singleplayer save menu.

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Minecraft House - Alpha House 3

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