Minecraft Ocelot

Minecraft Ocelot - 1

Minecraft Ocelots have undergone a bit of a change since their introduction way back in Minecraft 1.2.1 during 2012. Originally one of the most difficult to tame animals in Minecraft history, they’ve become lovable pets that can turn a dank cave into a wholesome home. So why don’t you sit back with your own kitten, as I go through all there is to know about Minecraft favourite feline friends.

What is a Minecraft Ocelot?

Ocelots, although similar to cats, are not the same mob. They are distinctive due to their spotty yellow coat, skittish behaviour and fast speed. They can be bred just like most mobs, and require raw fish to enter love mode. They are a passive mob and will not attack they player. They are also one of the few mobs that uses the ‘trust’ mechanic.

How does the Minecraft Ocelot work?

What’s new pussycat?

When Minecraft ocelots were first introduced, they were basically the Minecraft version of cats. They were a clear response to wolves and were the second mob to be able to be tamed by the player. Since then, things have changed. Stray cats can be found in villages where they can be tamed by players.

Distinctly, ocelots only have one texture and no other variants, this along with size makes it easy to spot the difference between the two mobs. Ocelots are also unique in that they hunt only chickens and baby turtles. They also have a special prowling behaviour where they will stalk their prey before attacking.

Trust issues

Since the introduction of cats, ocelots and cats are now totally distinct mobs. The ocelot can no longer be tamed and can only ‘trust’ the player, not be tamed in the same way wolves can be. Players can gain an ocelot’s trust by feeding them raw cod or raw salmon.

Scared of the big bad cat

Ocelots have a very unique characteristic of wearing off creepers. This makes them a great defence when combined with leads and fences. Even when creepers are in pursuit of a player, with an ocelot nearby they will maintain a distance of at least 6 blocks.

What’s good about the Minecraft Ocelot?

✔Very rare and unusual rabbit variant

✔Cool secret that not many know about

✔Offers a strong fight

What isn’t good about the Minecraft Ocelot?

X Can no longer be tamed

X Very skittish and scared of players

X Has no real practical use

Minecraft Ocelot Must-knows:

  • Ocelots take no fall damage. This is based on the common idea that cats always land on their feet. Likewise, cats are also known to land up-right during a fall, this is also mimicked in ocelots’ behaviour.

  • Initially it was possible to tame ocelots.

  • Ocelots scare creepers and make them stay away by at least 6 blocks.

  • Ocelots were the first mob created by Mojang employee, Jon Kågström, who no longer works on the game.

There are already multiple minecraft texturepacks available for animals. You can find it scattered everywhere. There are several more types of animals that you can find in Minecraft. The most common term used for Animals is Mobs. There are neutral mobs, passive mobs and agressive mobs which will attack you. You can find texture packs for mobs and minecraft animals in minecraft-resourcepacks.com.

It has already been a given topic that some of the mobs that you can find in the game are absolutely rare while some are super common. In the recent updtes of Minecraft there have even been different types of fish now, Back in the days there was only a single type of fish.

With it's continous updates Minecraft Animals and Mobs will keep growing in variaty and variants making the game even more fun and exciting than ever before.