Minecraft Killer Bunny

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 29, 2020
Updated: January 29, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 29, 2020
Updated: January 29, 2020

Minecraft Killer Bunny. Wait, what? Yes, it’s true! Many of you might not have heard of its existence, as only the most dedicated of Minecraft Wiki readers will recognise this particular mob. But don’t let its silly name fool you, this rabbit isn’t here to mess around. If you want to discover this rare mob for yourself, you’ll have to have your wits about you.

Keep reading to see how to find this elusive creature and how to prepare yourself for its killer personality. Hop to it, then!

What is a Minecraft Killer Bunny?


The Minecraft Killer Bunny is a secret mob that most don’t know about. And there’s a good reason for that, as the evil rabbit doesn’t spawn in like mobs typically do. This is a good thing however, as this bunny is seriously angry and deals a fair amount of damage (4 hearts).

It also moves at lightning fast speed, much faster than Minecraft rabbits normally do. Safe to say that this isn’t a rabbit to be messed around with, and if you want to see it for yourself, you better prepare accordingly. This scary animal isn’t to be trifled with. Especially if you see it while using horror texture packs like Silent Hill Resource Pack 1.8.8.


How does the Minecraft Killer Bunny work?

A look to die for

The killer bunny can be recognised very quickly by its texture used exclusively for itself. The texture is similar in nature to regular white Minecraft rabbits, and the rabbit is also the same size and proportions of Minecraft rabbits. What makes it stand out, however, is its evil red eyes.

This is what allows you to tell apart your favourite Mr Fluffikins from the infamous killer bunny. Notice that the eyes are smaller and more menacing looking than regular rabbits, specifically that they are in a horizontal position rather than vertical.

Rabbit Season

The killer bunny doesn’t spawn naturally in any part of the Minecraft world. You won’t find it in the Overworld, Nether or the End, instead you have to spawn the mob in yourself by using commands. Open up the text chat using the T key and then enter and execute the following command: /summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}.

Once this is done a pure white rabbit with glowing red eyes will appear. The bunny searches in a 16 block radius to find either the player or wolves and foxes. Moving much faster than normal rabbits, the killer bunny will leap to attack the player before shortly running away and then eventually attacking the player again. Each hit deals 4 hearts worth of damage.

What’s good about the Minecraft Killer Bunny?

✔Very rare and unusual rabbit variant

✔Cool secret that not many know about

✔Offers a strong fight

What isn’t as good about the Minecraft Killer Bunny?

X Have to use commands to find it

X Is very dangerous

X Doesn’t spawn anywhere naturally

Minecraft Killer Bunny Must-knows:

  • The killer bunny was originally known as ‘the killer rabbit of caerbannog’ which is a reference to Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, which the rabbit takes inspiration from. 
  • The rabbit is exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft. 
  • The killer bunny is immune to the effects of the Thorns enchantment. 
  • The killer bunny is not actually a unique mob, but is instead a variant on the typical rabbits already found in Minecraft. It simply has a slightly different texture and different hostility towards the player.


There are already multiple minecraft texturepacks available for animals. You can find it scattered everywhere. There are several more types of animals that you can find in Minecraft. The most common term used for Animals is Mobs. There are neutral mobs, passive mobs and agressive mobs which will attack you. You can find texture packs for mobs and minecraft animals in minecraft-resourcepacks.com.

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