When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date 

 Last Modified June 8, 2022

 Published February 22, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date - 1

When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date? That question has been asked since the initial announcement on October 2021.

Ever since the Minecraft Live event on October of 2021 gamers have gotten excited about the new mobs and biomes coming their way on the Wild update.


It would be one of the biggest updates in the history of Minecraft and is rumored to surpass the Caves and Cliffs update in terms of gameplay changes and additional content.

You would be getting new mobs, new biomes, new gameplay dynamics and possibly one of the toughest monsters to have ever been added to the game with exception to the endgame bosses.


For now there is no official Minecraft 1.19 release date announced by Mojang however we do know that it will be in the middle of 2022.


"The wild update is gonna be big, so big that it is gonna be released into two parts"

- minecraft.net

When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date - 2

Two Part Release

Since the wild update is going to add new dynamics into Minecraft it has been rumored by the Minecraft community in reddit and social media groups that there is a big possibility that it will be released in two parts just like the Caves and Cliffs update of Minecraft 1.17 and Minecraft 1.18.1.

The initial reports have been stated that the first release would feature the official update of Deep Dark biomes and the addition to the Warden.

It was originally planned for the Warden to make it earth shattering appearance into Minecraft in the 1.18 update however due to some development roadblocks it was rescheduled to make it's epic introduction in Minecraft 1.19.

The first part of the release will also include the Ancient Cities, sculks, possibly the allay. After that, the second release for the wild update is expected to be the introduction to swamp biomes, fireflies, and frogs.

Based from the topics in social media most of the Minecraft netizens seem to be more interested in the first release more than the second release.

When the Minecraft 1.19 release dates is officially announced we can finally add a date on our Calendar on when we can experience the new additions to the game.

Alliance with the Allay

As we go deeper and deeper in 2022 more information has been leaked with regards to more features that the wild update is going to have.

The Warden has been one of the most talked about new feature in the up coming of Minecraft. However one new mob addition has been sneaking up at second place.

Since the Minecraft 1.19 release date is still yet to be announced we will have to rely on the video provided during last years Minecraft live event to know more about this mob.

Based from the video it is a Mob which was specifically designed to help the player harvest items and resources. This makes automation even better and takes it to a whole new level.

With an Allay you wouldn't need to be a redstone engineer to be able to automate some of your farms. It won't be as flashy but it will still work.

Not much information has been provided about the Allay yet. Details such as how to tame it and how it actually harvests items is still not known.

However, it is already heard that it doesn't help mine or cut trees. What it does is harvest items that have dropped on the floor. It is also going to help you organize none stackable equipment and items.

Knowing Minecraft and it's players, there are so many possibilities on how you can make the Allay work for you.

When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date - 5

When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date?

As of writing there is no particular release date provided by Mojang. However, it has already been assured that it will be within the middle of 2022.

We can probably expect the first release within this summer and the second release to be during the holidays.

For now you can enjoy Minecraft 1.18. If you are already bored or have explored all new features of the update then perhaps you  would be interested in trying out resource packs to enhance your overall gaming experience and prolong your love for the version.

Learn how to download resource packs from minecraft-resourcepacks.com

When is the Minecraft 1.19 Release Date - 4

Play the Beta Version of Minecraft 1.19

Casual Minecraft players might not know this but you can now actually play and experience some features of the wild update despite not having the Minecraft 1.19 release date yet.

The experimental version of Minecraft 1.19 has already been released by Mojang earlier this week giving some players the benefit of testing out some of the features which will be updated.

You can experience some of the features from the first release of the wild update if you learn how to download Minecraft 1.19 experimental snapshots.

Do note that since it is still an experimental snapshot some features and appearance in it might not be the same when the official version is released. Also do note it mostly focuses on showcasing a preview of the deep dark biome and ancient cities.

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