Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases 

 Last Modified September 15, 2021

 Published September 10, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases

It's typical for Minecraft updates to include new creatures now and then. In the most recent 1.17 update, Mojang introduced three new creatures.

Occasionally, Mojang has a mob vote to determine which mob should be introduced next.


The 1.17 update introduced these mobs:

  • Axolotls
  • Goats
  • Glow squids

The Twitter and biome votes were also used to reveal mobs after the project's beginnings.


This post presents some of the mobs that Mojang had previously confirmed to be included in the future updates of the game.


"The mobs revealed are varied. Some were results of the Biome votes and some were due to the mob votes. However, they are all confirmed and will be included on the next updates."

Mobs shown during the "Biome Vote" will be added in a future update as explained by the developers from Mojang.

Minecraft 1.18

This update is set to be the 2nd release of the Caves & Cliffs update.

The release of Minecraft 1.18 is still anticipated by gamers.

However, early access releases have included Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshots with new terrain formation, revamped caves, and some of the latest mountain biomes.


"Mojang has just published the seventh Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot, announcing that it may be the last."

However, surprisingly the seventh experimental snapshot also contained some minor changes which left some hardcore fans hanging.

Developers are delighted with the new world generation's progress following experimental snapshots and user input.

Developers are working toward deploying experimental snapshot features to routine snapshots.

Next week, if everything goes as planned, players should be able to download the first 1.18 snapshot from the launcher.

In the following weeks, Mojang may provide additional details about the update.


"It indicates that natural terrain generation is about to be made available for mass usage. "

Other difficulties await developers, such as sluggish performance, glitches with the deep dark caves and errors in importing older versions of the game to Minecraft 1.18.

Many players were dissatisfied with the game's performance.

The Y 256 to -64 range is where new mountains and caverns will form. The amount of blocks loaded puts a strain on even the most powerful devices.

Developers working on improving performance and crashes will be coming soon.

They have also recently adjusted and fixed the lag in Minecraft when flying with elytra.

Top 5 Confirmed Mobs for Minecraft Future Releases

These mobs have been confirmed by Mojang Developers through twitter.

Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases - mob 5

5. Frogs

Frogs in swamps have long been requested by Minecraft players.

Frogs were selected in the 2019 biome improvement poll after considering the community's input.

The mountains, on the other hand, won over swamps. Unfortunately, swamp biomes lost the poll.

In the long term, Mojang is expected to offer a biome update, particularly for marsh biomes.

Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases -mob 4

4. Ostrich

When you hear the term savanna you might think of a biome where in the region looks like it is from the safari.

Unfortunately, players will find only unusual-looking acacia trees and tons of unsightly grass which has been dried up.

When Ostriches get released and added into the game they will be found in the savanna biomes.

These mobs, like ostriches, enjoy burying their head underground.

Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases - mob 3

3. Vulture

Vultures will appear in the game's future update at what will be called as the badlands biomes.

They also said they would add a new flowery cactus to the mix.

Vultures usually fly down and perch on these flowery cactuses when players approach them.

Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases - mob 2

2. Meerkat

Deserts, in particular, are seen by many individuals to be rather drab and uninteresting.

Adding new creatures to the world of Minecraft would undoubtedly improve its arid feel.

At Minecon Earth 2018, meerkats would be added to the desert biome.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, as the desert came in last in polls.

Despite the fact that the wilderness lost the election, it will still be updated.

It's possible that Mojang will include all of the verified mobs from prior biomes, as well as new ones such as meerkat.

Top 5 Mobs Revealed by Mojang In Next Releases - mob 1

1. Warden

The final Cave & Cliffs mob in the Minecraft 1.18 update is Warden.

It's a blind, aggressive mob with a sculk sensor built in.

The Warden can feel the vibrations of its foes, but it is unable to see them.

All in all we can see more and more updates and mobs in the coming releases from Mojang.

You might even see some of these mobs in Minecraft 1.18.

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