Mob Votes Announced Ahead of Minecraft Live 

 Last Modified October 12, 2021

 Published October 12, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Mob Votes Announced Ahead of Minecraft Live - main

In a surprise to all Minecraft fans the annual mob votes was announced ahead of Minecraft Live. The team from Mojang revealed the first mob which they are going to be including on the future updates.

The winner of last years mob vote was the Glow Squid. And, as all players who have played the recent version of of the game it was added on Minecraft 1.17 in June 2021.


"The first mob which was revealed by Mojang is the Glare"

Mob Votes Announced Ahead of Minecraft Live - 3

The Glare

The Glare is the first potential creature to be revealed this year: an adorable-looking vine monster that will warn players when light levels are low enough to make some mobs and monsters spawn.


The Glare mob is a cute and useful indicator since it only appears in the dark, whether at night or in caves - and skeletons, zombies, and creepers are among its foes.

How does the Glare do it? By acting all wild as the Glare hates the dark but loves throwing tantrums.

In a nutshell the Glare will be one of the most useful pets you might be able to get in Minecraft as it can be used tp help you detect some dark places where monsters might spawn.


"So, if you have a Glare by your side you'd probably know whether to venture or not to venture in that dark corner."

Minecraft Mob Votes

The official release of Minecraft Live is rapidly approaching, and this year's Mob Vote candidates are awaiting for the community to make the decision.

The game will take place on Saturday, 16 October 2021. Players will be able to choose one of three mob alternatives as part of the event.

The winner will be added to Minecraft, while the others will be deleted. They may, however, appear in future updates.

Minecraft players may use mob voting to get what they want. The three monsters are typically connected to the update's theme.

Since there is no system in place for the game's developers to notify players when new monsters arrive, they must do so manually.

Mobs are added to the game on a regular basis. Developers usually select which creatures will be included in future updates.

At the Minecraft convention, visitors get an opportunity to vote on what they want updated next.

The mob vote will return as part of Minecraft Live 2021, as it did last year. Players will determine which monsters they want to see in the game by voting.

Before the event date, Mojang will disclose all three monsters in order to allow fans ample time to decide.

How to Join Mob Votes

The official platform for Mob Vote 2021 has not been revealed by Mojang yet. Despite this, previous mob and biome votes took place on Twitter.

For a time, players had the option to select their picks in a Twitter poll as live streaming was taking place.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about 1.18, as well as the upcoming features that will be included in the game during this event.

Importantly, all you need to do to be able to join mob votes is to stay updated t our Minecraft News, and be present during Minecraft live on the 16th October at 5PM UK time.

Mob Votes Drama

Last year's Mob Vote was widely regarded as a failure. Dream, a Minecraft star, was accused of "manipulating" the poll by asking his followers to vote for Glow Squid.

Many streamers requested their followers to vote for Moobloom and Iceologer in response. However this came up short as Dream has tons of followers and fans who has his back.

The goal of community or fan voting is to reflect the consensus of the Minecraft community. They are not to be tampered with by a creator's personal preferences.


"Many fans became enraged as a result of the episode, and they began to wonder about the process behind these votes."

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