Technoblade and Vikkstar123 Potential Absence from MCC All-Star Game 

 Last Modified November 8, 2021

 Published November 8, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Technoblade and Vikkstar123 Potential Absence from MCC All-Star Game - main

Sad news for their fans and PvP fanatics in the Minecraft universe as Technoblade and Vikkstar123 have a potential absence from MCC All-Star Game.

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) All-Stars reveal is expected to occur this week.


However, it appears that certain legendary Minecraft figures have already been excluded from the competition. They are Vikkstar123 and Technoblade.

Legends Not in MCC

Scott Major, the Minecraft Championships' coordinator and head of team assignments (MCC), went live to announce to several members of the community that two legendary figures would not be participating in the All-Stars game.


"Right, I'll tell you two people who are not playing. Vikkstar is not playing, and Technoblade is not playing."

Those who were excited to see either competitor in the following event might have been disappointed by this reveal.

Technoblade, in particular, is part of the "Sleepy Bois Inc." Who gained plenty of fame by dominating MCC4.

Aside from that Technoblade is widely known to be one if not the best PvP player in Minecraft ever, he has been dubbed as the Michael Jordan of Minecraft.

Viewers were anticipating the return of the four contestants, but it appears that the Sleepy Bois Inc. team reunion will be delayed.

Although it's a bummer to learn that two of your favorite content providers will not compete in the event, it doesn't negate the prospect of either one taking part in the future.

It is still possible for them to join in the future MCC's as there is no ban or whatsoever.

Technoblade and Vikkstar123 Potential Absence from MCC All-Star Game - 2

All-Stars Game

The MCC All-Star squads for November will include at least one player who has won at least one MCC event in the past.

The level of competition is expected to be greater than previous events, as rosters will include players with prior success.

Noxcrew began announcing the teams that will compete for first place in MCC All-Stars a few weeks before the event.

The MCC Live app features a live-streaming option, so fans who can't attend the event will be able to follow the latest results and placements.

During the early stages of the tournament, checking into the admin stream via MCC Live is the best way to keep track of all of the games until only a few teams remain.

Once you've decided to move on, it'll be simpler to join players' individual streams and experience the competitive atmosphere from their perspective.

Technoblade and Vikkstar123 Potential Absence from MCC All-Star Game - 3

Who Will Be Playing in the All-Stars

Despite of the absence of some of the PvP Legends there are still plenty of star-power in the rosters.

This includes the attendance of Dream, who will be the captain and leader of the Red Rabbits.

Also in attendance will be Smajor himself, and Quig to man the Yellow Yaks as they will try to get the victory.

Technoblade and Vikkstar123 Potential Absence from MCC All-Star Game

What is the MCC

The Noxcrew and Scott Major have organized the Minecraft Championships (MCC), which are a series of events organized by the Noxcrew and Scott Major.

The game features ten groups of four athletes each, with distinct team colors and animal mascots assigned to them.

The participants participate in eight distinct mini-games that test a variety of abilities in Minecraft.

The exam included a wide range of activities, ranging from player-versus-player combat to parkour, speed-bridging, and so on.

The brand new, forthcoming event is organized differently from the main series of Minecraft Championships.

To be eligible to compete in the event, competitors must have won at least one prior tournament.

When is the MCC All-Stars

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, the official Minecraft Seasonal Championship All-Stars will be broadcasted live on Twitch.

The event time has changed this year; the championship will start an hour later at 8:00 PM GMT.

Competitors in the Minecraft Championship typically go live approximately thirty minutes before the competition begins.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on the content creator's preferred streaming platform during the tournament, whether it be YouTube or Twitch.

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