The 16th Minecraft Championship 2021 Results 

 Last Modified September 9, 2021

 Published September 2, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

minecraft championship 16

On August 28, 2021 the 16th Minecraft Championship (MCC) took place.

Ten teams of the best Minecraft player in the whole world met each other to compete on who gets to wear the crown of the best Minecraft players.


The Minecraft Championship was hosted by Noxcrew. In the MC Championship, 10 four-person teams compete in a variety of mini-games that check out basic Minecraft abilities:

  • parkour
  • survival
  • PvP
  • cooperation

The two teams with the most coins will battle one another in a single ultimate confrontation to determine the overall champion.


Teams had to first go to the Decision Dome to start the event.

After which they had the choice to vote for the next game. As the game is played, the coin multiplier continuously increases.

This means that the longer the game is played the more coins can be received by the team. 


"The more coins a team has, the more chances that they reach the final round."

What is the Minecraft Championship (MCC)

The MCC or Minecraft Championship is a monthly tournament hosted by the Noxcrew's private servers.

The tournament involves ten teams of the best Minecraft players.

They have to play in 8 minigames. In each minigame they win a certain number of coins. 

The 8 minigames are the following:

  • Ace Race
  • Battle Box
  • Big Sales at Build Mart
  • Grid Runners
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Parkour Tag
  • Sand of time.

After the total number of coins gathered has been tallied.

The two teams with the most compete head to head on "dodgebolt" which requires a combination of combat skills, and coordination.


"At the end of 8 minigames the team with the most coins advances to the finals."

MCC 16 Results

The Purple Pandas made the most coins throughout the entire Minecraft Championship tournament. They met with the Pink Parrots in the finals.

During the entire match, it was neck to neck.

However Dream rallied his team in the end to solidify their win and take his 4th MCC tournament victory.

The Purple Pandas composed were composed of some of the most popular Minecraft streamers.

It was led by Smajor and composed of Grian, Smallishbeans, and Fruitberries.

They were able to gather the most coins during the 8 minigames however they fell short during dodgebolt which is the final round.


"It was a close fight but the Pink Parrots Won. The team is composed of F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, Seapeekay and led by Dream"

What is the Prize for Winning the MCC

The winning team received one of the most honorary trophies in Minecraft.

They win a physical gold coin.

It is sent to the winners after Noxcrew has officially verified the win.

Along with that is the renown and endless glory of being labelled as one of the best Minecraft players in the world.

On the other note, Dream has already won 4 MCC tournaments.

He has been dominating and leading his team to non-stop victories.

This is why Noxcrew has stated that if Dream wins his 5th tournament they might introduce a new prize which is a gold medal.

MCC - 1

How to View the MCC

You can watch replays and live streams of the MCC on the Twitch channel of Noxcrew.

Alternatively you can also watch a 1st person point of view by streaming the Twitch channel of the player which you would like to focus on.

Dream Donates To Charity

After hearing the announcement that the best PvP player in Minecraft - Technoblade was not able to participate in this MCC because he got diagnosed with Cancer.

Dream pledged to donate $1 for every coin that their team gathers. He and his team has decided to donate to charity, specifically cancer treatment research.

The Pink Parrots were able to collect a total of 21,409 coins.

Which means that dream will be donating $21,409 to a charity of his choice.

Other competitors such as awesamdude has also pledged to donate to Charity for cancer research.


When was the 16th Minecraft Championship?

The 16th MCC happened on August 28, 2021. It was hosted by Noxcrew.

What were the prizes for the 16th Minecraft Championship?

The winning team received a physical Golden Coin along with the reputation as one of the best Minecraft player.

Who were the Winners of MCC 16?

The winners of MCC 16 were Dream, F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, and Seapeekay. They are the team members which built the Pink Parrots.

How to watch the MCC?

You can view replays and live MCC tournaments on Noxcrew's Twitch channel

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