Minecraft PvP Legend Announces He Has Cancer 

 Last Modified September 16, 2021

 Published September 6, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Minecraft PvP Legend Announces He Has Cancer

The Minecraft PvP Legend Technoblade has officially announced that he got diagnosed with Cancer.

Technoblade stated in his most recent video that he was diagnosed on August 2, after visiting a physician to have his right arm examined.


The 22-year-old began feeling discomfort with his right arm near the end of July.

After taking a few days off to rest believing it was a stress-related injury from playing too many games, his right shoulder started to bulge and he scheduled an appointment.


However, while giving an update on his health, the YouTuber shed light on how he obtained the diagnosis.


"Technoblade has not revealed the specifics of his disease yet, he stated he has cancer but not what type of cancer."

The Minecraft PvP Legend Technoblade

Technoblade has made a name for himself in the Minecraft universe.

He is an avid American YouTuber and streamer who has dominated various PvP tournaments and other Minecraft eSports throughout his career.

He is one of the first PvP Legend and Minecraft celebrities ever discovered due to his amazing skills and reflexes.

He has also been known for using some of the coolest resource packs, and have been labelled as Technoblade's Texture Pack.

In fact, with his recent success in the community and FGC, Techno is a four-time Minecraft Monday winner, a two-time Minecraft Championship (MCC) champion, and holds several records in various aspects of the game.

Aside from that, Techno is currently labeled as the best Minecraft PvP Player of all time. This is because of his unique tactics and innovative methods to beat other players in combat.


"Technoblade has been dubbed the Michael Jordan of Minecraft"

Personal Life

Before Technoblade was crowned as the King of UHC PvP, he was this kid named Dave.

He was born on June 1, 1992 and currently resides in California.

One of the possible reasons why Dave was so good in player versus player combat is because he took up fencing when he was in middle school.

On his Q&A video in 2016, he revealed that his parents have been divorced and that his father actually owns a movie studio.

In 2018 he went to Illinois for college however soon after he dropped out and went back to California.

Diagnosed With Cancer

While the cancer was still in his body, doctors performed several scans and informed him that the problems with his arms were caused by a tumor.

He has been undergoing chemotherapy for the condition since then, and it has gone well so far; nevertheless, he claimed that his energy had been poor.

The PvP Legend was recorded in a good mood.


"He told the doctors they could simply remove his arm because he had won enough Minecraft tournaments and he would just play with his feet from now on."

He also made light of the situation by plugging his new plushies and expressing enthusiasm for further producing material.

He also encouraged his followers and viewers to continue wearing a mask and getting the COVID-19 vaccination, as he is now immunocompromised and anyone else who has an illness is at greater risk of catching it.

He does, however, advise them to conduct their own investigation rather than just taking recommendations from a content creators on the internet.

The Minecraft community has already started to rally around the Minecraft PvP Legend, praising him and sending good vibes to one of its biggest innovators.

#technosupport is currently trending on Twitter, indicating that the community is already out in full force supporting him.

Technoblade Cancer - dream

Dream Raises Money for Cancer Research

One of Technoblades long time frenemy and rival Dream has made donations for the purpose of Cancer research after hearing the terrible news.

On the 16th MCC he vowed to donate as much dollars as his team could gather in total.

During the event they gathered over 21,409 coins. After the event Dream then donated $21,409. 

He has also asked other Minecraft YouTubers and Streamers to join in and donate money for Cancer Research.

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