Willo’s better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published November 3, 2021
Updated: November 3, 2021
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published November 3, 2021
Updated: November 3, 2021

Willo’s better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1 is a pack which makes the weapons and tools of Minecraft look better than the default version, depending on the player's preference.

It swaps in the default texture pack which was designed by Mojang with some awesome looking ones which are RPG themed.


The pack itself is super lightweight and can be ran on any possible device given that it has the proper specifications to run the game at an optimum level.

With more and more players looking for better weapon textures for PvP or RP purposes you can expect more texture packs of this genre to come out soon.


What is Willo’s better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1

This good looking pack was developed and created by WilloMC who is widely known for his artistic skills when it comes to Minecraft pixel art.

Better tools enhances the visuals and aesthetics of every Minecraft weapon and tool in the game. Although not exactly designed for UHC PvP, it does have some nicely done sword designs.

This pack also includes some nice tools retextures for your axes, hoes, and even the shovel. The main aim of the pack is to provide better looking equipment to players.

Do note that it does not include any armor retextures as it only focuses on the equipment which can be wielded. It also not an FPS boosting pack as it does not enhance frame rates by a huge margin.

Is Better Tools 32x Worth the Download

Yes, if you love to modify the overall look of the swords without just having them color swapped then this is an ideal to pack to download.

It has multiple looks and forms of the sword depending on the material that it was created with. The Netherite sword just looks so good and deadly.

The pack runs on 32x resolution so  you should not expect any sudden FPS drops as well. Plus, it's file size is less than 1mb so it is ultimately lightweight.

However, do not expect it to improve your frame rates per second as it was not designed for that functionality.

Before you download this pack make sure you have Optifine installed to make sure Minecraft loads this texture pack appropriately.


  • Nice and immersive new weapons designs
  • New tools look more solid than default ones
  • Nicely done color combinations and variations


  • Each axe variation is just a recolor between stone, diamond and etc
  • Same goes for the other tools, would have been better if each material had different variants rather than just color swaps
  • Does not include a retexture of weapons

Better Tools by Willo Review

Willo's better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1 - 2
Willo's better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1 - 3
Willo's better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1 - 4

How to Download 32x Willo's Better Tools:

Step 1: How to Download from Minecraft-Resourcepacks.com

If this is your first time downloading from our site, rest assured downloading from minecraft-resourcepacks is safe.  Before downloading review the basics of how to download a pack here.

Step 2: Download Optifine

Before attempting to download and install, you need to have Optifine to ensure the texture pack will run properly.

Step 3: Download Texture Pack

To start, download the zip file from the link below. Place the zip file into your Minecraft Resource Pack folder.

To find the folder easily, go to Minecraft’s options menu and navigate to resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, use the table below to see which file directory your folder is stored in.

File Locations of Minecraft Resource Packs Folder:






~/Library/Application Support/minecraft



With the resource pack folder open, place the zip file inside. Finally, activate the texture pack in-game via Minecraft’s resource pack menu on the game menu.

minecraft-resourcepacks.com free download links

Willo’s better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1 Download

Below you can see legit downloads for Minecraft texture pack named Willo’s better tools Texture Pack 1.17.1. Click on the button to download now.

There are so many textures packs which you can download to improve the look of your weapons and tools. There are even some which are designed specifically for PvP.

At the same time, we also have some more specialized packs such as UHC PvP texture packs with weapons and tools designs specifically made to look deadlier.

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Have you used this pack or having trouble downloading and installing? Leave a comment below!


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