Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 27, 2021
Updated: October 27, 2021
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 27, 2021
Updated: October 27, 2021

Packs such as Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1 are one of those utility packs which you just have to get.

Not because of how it individually makes the game look better, but as a building block or piece in making the game look extremely realistic.

It adherently makes the flora and fauna aspect of Minecraft look better. In return plant life and grass are so much better to look at helping in transforming the game to become visually good.

What is Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1

This beautiful resource pack was designed and created by WilloMC. Based from the artwork of the new textures you can say he has done his job in making it look great.

The pack runs at 64x resolution making it rightfully smoother without sacrificing much in terms of frame rates per second.

You can use this pack with any other resource pack or texture pack provided that you make sure it is higher in the load order.

It makes the flowers and grass of the game look as if they were made in high definition rather than the default ones which are very blocky.

Is Willo's Better Flowers and Grass Worth the Download

We recommend this pack for anyone who love playing Minecraft with better flowers and better grass. It's always one of the most overlooked aspects in making the game aesthetically beautiful.

This pack runs well and is highly compatible with almost every mod and other resource packs. Just don't forget to download BSL shaders to make the game look even more alive and beautiful.

Overall, it adds more impactful aesthetics and it runs pretty well. It is safe to say that WilloMC has done a great job with this pack

Since this pack runs at 64x resolution we highly recommend that you download Optifine first just to make sure that this pack will run as it was designed for.


  • One of the best looking flowers and grass retextures in Minecraft
  • Completely revamps the entire look of all grass and flowers in the game
  • Smooth textures which look very seamless


  • Runs at 64x resolution so it might slow down your FPS if your machine is not strong enough
  • Some retextures do not cover all angles making it look like a cardboard cutout
  • Nothing more, it is a very beautiful and aesthetic texture pack

64x Better Flowers and Grass Review

Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1 - 2
Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1 - 3
Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1 - 4

How to Download Better Flowers and Grass 64x:

Step 1: How to Download from Minecraft-Resourcepacks.com

If this is your first time downloading from our site, rest assured downloading from minecraft-resourcepacks is safe.  Before downloading review the basics of how to download a pack here.

Step 2: Download Optifine

Before attempting to download and install, you need to have Optifine to ensure the texture pack will run properly.

Step 3: Download Texture Pack

To start, download the zip file from the link below. Place the zip file into your Minecraft Resource Pack folder.

To find the folder easily, go to Minecraft’s options menu and navigate to resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, use the table below to see which file directory your folder is stored in.

File Locations of Minecraft Resource Packs Folder:






~/Library/Application Support/minecraft



With the resource pack folder open, place the zip file inside. Finally, activate the texture pack in-game via Minecraft’s resource pack menu on the game menu.

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Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1 Download

Below you can see legit downloads for Minecraft texture pack named Willos Better Flowers and Grass Resource Pack 1.17.1. Click on the button to download now.

We have a good collection resource packs for Minecraft which can help make the plant life and grass of Minecraft look better.

If you want to exclusively make the textures of Minecraft look better within this version we have packs for Minecraft 1.17.1 and Minecraft 1.17.

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