Top 10 Minecraft Skin Downloads & Installs 2021

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 17, 2019
Updated: October 17, 2019
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 17, 2019
Updated: October 17, 2019

What Are The Best Minecraft Skins?

Is that what you want? Well, that’s what you’re gonna get! Here at we specialise in only the best custom content Minecraft has to offer, including skins. So why not take a break from mining, rest your feet and take off that old skin (ok maybe that sounds weird), because we’re about to run through our list for the top 10 Minecraft skins. Woohoo!

Top 10 Minecraft Skins - 1

What Do Minecraft Skins Do?

If you’ve been living under a square shaped rock, Minecraft skins are a way to personalise your Minecraft avatar in practically any way you wish. Skins are a great way to show off your personality, immerse yourself in roleplay, or simply change things up for when the time feels right.


Minecraft Skins give your character a more personal touch. It gives you the chance to express yourself, your individuality, and even the way you play Minecraft. For example, you are big fan of PvP so instead of just using regular steve as your skin you could choose to download an axe murderer or even a darth maul skin to express how much you enjoy killing other players. Once they see you with full diamond armor with your skin other players are bound to run away in fear knowing that you will pawn them.

Minecraft skins gives you – the player; your own way of telling other players in servers how cool and unique you are as a player. You can also use Minecraft skins to replicate your favorite YouTuber or portray role playing as your favourite super hero. Speaking of role playing, skins are always a must have when it comes to role-playing serverse where you act and play along as the skin that you are currently using.


In summary, Minecraft skins are an awesome way to add more color to the game giving each player their own sense of individuality, as it also makes the game 10x more fun!



Our Top 10 Minecraft Skin Downloads List

We have taken hundreds of our going through forums, playing on different servers and having a survey with over 100,000 players involved. We took our time to get valuable data to give you this years Top 10 Minecraft Skins!

Reboot Skin - 1

10 – Reboot Skin Download

This colourful and computational skin is certainly a unique character. A purple and pink robot with a retro themed television for a head? Maybe the creator has had too many suspicious stews. But whatever their inspiration, this skin is an excellent sci-fi creation with great colouring and character design.

This skin is guaranteed to bring add some abstract value into your character. Play as the Reboot Skin and wander the world as a robot in search of a reason to live in a world full of humans and monsters.

Click here to download this skin

Orange Headband Skin - 3

9 – Orange Headband Skin Download

The Orange Headband skin manages to defy all expectations. If I said a blank white character with an orange headband was one of my favourite Minecraft skins, would you believe me? Somehow, the creator makes it work. With its cute, minimalist style and excellent colour selection, this skin feels incredibly unique despite being perplexingly simple.

This Minecraft skin looks very simplistic yet it has been one of the most downloaded and used skins due to it’s vindictive look and overall appeal. It’s poker face or blank stare also annoys plenty of enemies on PvP. Must be one of the reasons why plenty of players love killing with this skin on.

Click here to download this skin

I Get Around Skin - 1

8 – I Get Around Skin Download

Like we said in our review, we don’t get why the skin is called that either. But what we do know is that this skin is great. It’s got great design, great colours, great…everything! If you like your rainbows well made, we can’t suggest a better skin. And to reference the skin’s namesake, we can also promise that it won’t leave you feeling like ‘a clown in the underground’.

This skin has a dashing combination of colors adding more flavor to your character’s depth. Rather than your conventional Alexa, you can use this skin for your female character and survive your way till you kill the ender dragon.

Click here to download this skin

Old Man Skin - 2

7 – Old Man Skin Download

Always felt like you were an old man at heart? Now is your chance to live that fantasy in the world of blocky Minecraft. Show off some of that senior style with your fashionable purple turtleneck and high waisted trousers. Just, warn people not to stare too much at your eyes.

This Minecraft Skin adds plenty of humor and giggles to the game. Imagine having to fight this old man in the arena. Now that would be an awesome thing! If you are the type of person who loves to troll then this would be the perfect skin for you!

Click here to download this skin.

6 – Alex Reloaded Skin Download

This high quality skin gives Alex the revamped look that has been due for a long time. There’s got to be hundreds of alternative Steve looks, so it’s about time Alex got some too. If you’re a fan of detailed outfits, big impressive hairdos, improved faces, all while staying faithful to Minecraft, then check it out.

The Alex skin was the default female skin for Minecraft. However, it kind of looked to simplistic and plain which is why this Minecraft skin was created to make Alex look even more of a badass than she was before.

Click here to download this skin.

5 – Girl Skin Download

A demon. An anime character. A trendy teenager. What exactly is this girl? We’re not sure, but she definitely looks cool! A neat twist of different inspirations, with enough realism to stay grounded and enough fantasy elements to stay entertaining.

If you are bored of playing as Alex then you should definitely try and use this Minecraft skin. Be uniquely different and classy at the same time. Just because you are different does not mean you are weird. That is what we call fashion baby!

Click here to download this skin.

Ricardo Thanos Skin for Minecraft

4 – Ricardo Thanos Skin Download

Just when you might have thought the meme world might have stopped giving, we are blessed with the conception of Ricardo Thanos. An oddly mystifying mash up of two of 2019’s memetic titans in the medium of Minecraft. With just a snap of your fingers, this skin could be yours.

Play as the most powerful being in the universe but crossbred with the most powerful meme in the universe! Play as Ricardo Thanos and watch the enemies shake and run at the sight of you! But do know they are not shaking because of fear, but because of another reason.

Click here to download this skin

Trendy Boy Skin - 1

3 – Trendy Boy Skin Download

Like number 5 on this list, we’re not exactly sure what this skin is supposed to be in the strictest sense. All we know is that when we see something cool, we have to share it. And this skin my friends, is cool. Like a neon-haired ninja, this skin stands out from miles away with its bold colours and edgy outfit. Great for younger players and roleplay servers.

This skin is a mix of anime, mecha and other more genres. If you love pawning other players in style than this skin is definitely for you! Imagine playing as a robo-like ninja in the hunt for blood stalking other players in the wilderness as they pass through.

Click here to download this skin

bob ross skin

2 – Bob Ross Skin Download

The man himself. Full time painter and part time god, Boss Ross is now accessible in Minecraft. And though painting in Minecraft might be a little different than in real life, we’re certain that this skin will help you incorporate Ross’ relaxed philosophy into your Minecraft builds. Remember: There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

If you still don’t get the joke on why this Minecraft skin is trending, then let me be captain obvious for you. So basically Bob Ross looks like the person who designed, drew and made the overall art concept of Minecraft.

Click here to download this skin

PewDiePie Skins

1 – PewDiePie Skin Download

Finally! You have reached the number one currently most downloaded, most demanded, most used and most trending Skin in Minecraft 2019! You have reached the very end of our Top 10 Minecraft Skins! Yeah, you might have already knew what it was going to be! Getting 100M subs with the help of Minecraft sure does make someone amazingly well known and used in Minecraft.

This skin is designed to make you look the very same as YouTuber and content creator PewDiePie. Don this skin to look just like the fair-haired Swede, start a new Minecraft playthrough and have yourself your very own epic gamer moment with this infamous skin.

Click here to download this skin

How to Download FREE Skins

If you’re playing on Windows 10, you can change your skin in-game.

  1. First thing you need to do is go to our skins section, choose the skin you want to use and download it for FREE.
  2. On the main menu, select the coat hanger icon beneath your Minecraft player and your name. Here you can select between Steve and Alex, purchase skin packs, as well as upload a custom skin.
  3. Select upload custom Skin, and choose the skin that you have just downloaded from our website.
  4. Viola! Enjoy the game in another Skin!

If you would like to learn more about how to use custom skins then please read our full article titled; “How to install Minecraft skins” Here.


No matter what skin you choose to use at the end of the day it does come to skill, experience and raw talent in becoming an amazing Minecraft player. Just because you are using an awesome battle ready looking skin does not automatically translate that you will be a good PvP player. Remember that it takes time, persistence and hard work to master the art of Minecraft PvP! Always practice, learn the basics, then develop a playing style which fits you!

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Have you used this pack or having trouble downloading and installing? Leave a comment below!


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