Old Man Skin

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 13, 2019
Updated: October 13, 2019
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 13, 2019
Updated: October 13, 2019

Old Man – Epic and Funny Minecraft Skin!

Hey there sonny jim, you want to know how to play some Minecraft like an old timer? Keep reading to see our rundown of this funny yet functional Minecraft skin.

What is the Old Man Minecraft skin?

Old Man Skin is a funny Minecraft skin made to turn your youthful Minecraft character straight into an old man. Tired of youngsters stepping on your Minecraft lawn? Then look no further. Back in my day in pre-alpha there were no custom skins, so you better appreciate it, dagnabbit!

What is the Old Man skin like?


This skin is another entry into the ‘derp’ category of Minecraft skins. It has a random silly face, odd outfit and even some silly details here in there. I’d definitely put this skin in the ‘humour’ pile.

The skin’s big and bold outfit is probably the first thing you’ll notice. The older gentleman depicted in the skin has been given a bright purple turtleneck sweater, along with super high waisted jeans. The detail of having the jeans up so high is a nice touch, as is the neck of the sweater coming up to the head area of the skin. It’s a clever use of space and the skin in general extends upward more than most skins usually do.


The facial features are basic to say the least, with the facial structure resembling the Minecraft pig skin due to the eyes facing different directions and the wide amount of space in between them. The mouth is a bold black horizontal line and the top of the skin’s head is adorned with a thick white monobrow.

I do wish there was more effort put into this section. The composition is good and it certainly delivers with its random humour, but the lack of shading or of a wider colour palette makes this section of the skin stand out compared to the rest.

In general, the art style is very faithful to vanilla Minecraft. Like the aforementioned similarities to the skin used for Minecraft pigs, this skin uses an art style that is very reminiscent of other textures found within the game. I’ve always appreciated skins that can tow the line between original designs and keeping the style within the confines of Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic.

The minor details also put this skin above many others, as the creator has used the top layers to create a puffy quality for the sleeves and neck. The skin is also meant for the slim skin model which helps to reinforce the idea of an older person’s frame and assists in evoking more elderly characteristics.

What’s good about the Old Man skin?

✔Funny concept
✔Interesting turtleneck outfit

What’s bad about the Old Man skin?

X Not useful for serious players
X Asymmetrical sections are annoying
X Less detail in facial area

If you don’t know how to install it for Minecraft? just look below, we’ll provide you with a short tutorial there. This installation guide should work with all Minecraft versions. To see the Official Download Links just scroll down.

How do I install the Old Man Minecraft skin?

Want to turn yourself into an old man after reading our review? Keep going to see how to use the Old Man skin as your own Minecraft character with our handy guide

First you need to download the Old Man skin. To change your skin in Minecraft Java edition you’ll need your Mojang account info nearby as you’ll need to log in to Minecraft.net. Go to minecraft.net/profile and log in using your account info. Once you’re there, locate the section labelled as ‘skin’ under the ‘profile’ section. This page has everything you need when it comes to your Minecraft skin. Go to the bottom of the page to find the uploader and simply upload the downloaded png file found in the zip file you downloaded earlier.

P.S – Make sure to use the slim model when changing your skin.

If you play on Windows 10, simply use the in-game skin menu to change your Minecraft skin by clicking the coat hanger icon underneath your avatar on the main menu.

Old Man Skin - 1 Old Man Skin - 2

Old Man Skin - 3

Old Man Skin for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Old Man Skin


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