Texture Pack Map for Reviewing & Showcasing by Jaba 1.8

Texture Pack Showcase & Review Map by Jaba

Jaba's Resource Pack showcase/review map for Minecraft 1.8

Best Texture Pack Map for Reviewing & Showcasing was made by Jaba 1.8 was published when Jaba, who also made many very viral PvP Texture Packs such as 3D CS:GO PvP Texture Pack or Future Pack. To get better FPS-rates we recommend using Minecraft in combination with Optifine. If you are a Texture Pack maker you might also need minecraft's basical default resource pack.


How to install Jaba's 1.8 Texture Pack showcase/review map?

Stimple 3-Way installation below is recommended
Step 1: Press "WIN+R"
Step 2: Type "%APPDATA%" in the field that just opened
Step 3: Navigate to "saves" where you can paste the file you downloaded after extracting it.

Download New Texture Pack Review/Showcase Map 1.8

Jaba's PvP Texture Pack showcase Map download below

Download New Texture Pack Review Map 1.8

JabaPacks (YT) [DL Source]



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