New Minigame for Minecraft Championships 

 Last Modified September 9, 2021

 Published September 4, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

New Minigame for Minecraft Championships

The host of MCC - Noxcrew has officially announced a New Minigame for Minecraft Championships on their update video on August 28, 2021.

This new minigame will be part of the up and coming MCC which will be held soon.


Grid Runners is going to be a relay type event where participants will need to work together to complete certain tasks as a team.

Only those with great synergy and teamwork can win this minigame.


We've seen numerous versions of "competitive" Minecraft in the previous times.

This includes game modes like speed runs and PVP servers, but nothing compares to Noxcrew's MC Championships.

This year's event will undoubtedly be a performance for the ages with prominent players such as Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and TommyInnit participating in the competition.

MCC mini-games - grid runners

New Minigame for Minecraft Championships

Grid Runners is officially announced as the latest minigame.

Teams must race through a variety of challenge rooms towards the conclusion, with one or more teams reaching the finish first.

Each challenge room has its own set of challenges to be completed, and teams cannot advance to the following chamber until all of the activities in the preceding one are completed.

The teams must run through a series of obstacle courses until they come to the finish line where all four members must pass over to complete the race.

What's more, each team will have its own set of challenge rooms.


"Grid Runners premiered on MCC 16"

When it comes to this thrilling minigame, no team will have the same sequence of events.

There will also be separators between rooms, which may split up teams before proceeding to the next test.

The concept of this minigame was based from a downloadable Minecraft map which can be purchased at the Minecraft Marketplace.

It has caused some map creators to revamp the old map, as it is now gaining some popularity especially to the hopefuls who want to participate in the MCC.

The New Minigame for Minecraft Championships is going to be exciting and fun to watch!

The Minecraft Championship

The Noxcrew is an esports organization known for organizing monthly tournaments called the MCC.

These competitions have ten teams, each made up of four players who compete in ten diverse minigames selected by the participants themselves during the stage selection phase of the tournament. 

They have also been the ones who have thought about the New Minigame for Minecraft Championships.

The whole concept is to have the ten teams battle each other through several aspects of Minecraft.

 This can include:

  • building
  • parkour
  • PvP

"The two teams with the most points goes to the finals"

Each team will go through the phases of the game and gather coins.

The more coins that a team can win, the more chances for them to get to the final stage.

The final stage of the MCC is dodgebolt.

It is a heavy and action packed PvP game which was inspired by dodgeball.

The game features players provided with bows, but with limited arrows which continuously spawn at the center of the court.

The team with remaining team members after eliminating the opposition wins. It is composed of three rounds.


The Noxcrew is the team behind MCC and the New Minigame for Minecraft Championships.

They are a group of legendary map creators and coders who have dedicated their attention to Minecraft.

They also host the MCC on their Twitch channel on the event days of an MCC tournament.

They have already been in the Minecraft industry for more than 8 years. 

How to Watch the Minecraft Championships

If you want to follow the action, there are a variety of options for viewing it.

The majority of the contestants are well-known streamers on their preferred platforms, such as Twitch or Youtube.

The Noxcrew Twitch channel, however, is the place to go when the competition begins.

If you want an overall perspective, check out the Noxcrew Twitch channel during the event.

We've included a link to it below for your convenience!

The MCC 16 was already completed, it did feature the all New Minigame for Minecraft Championships Grid Runners mini-game.

It was full of surprises and enjoyment.

The next one is definitely going to be even more entertaining than ever.

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