New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft 

 Last Modified December 4, 2022

 Published December 2, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft

The news is in, and it is confirmed that new Minecraft characters are now playable in Minecraft! Seven additional characters who represent the larger world will join current default picks Steve and Alex in the game, while Mojang withheld further details until to today's Minecraft Live show.

Sadly, not even their names. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub, and more were among the names that have been mentioned.


The update's goal of promoting self-expression through representation, according to game director Agnes Larsson, included the modification. With version 1.20, Mojang wants to start emphasizing the creative aspects of the game to encourage players' imaginations.

The new Minecraft characters are now playable in Minecraft are going to help accomplish this by adding extra content, a common aspect of Minecraft updates.


But this time, a portion of it aims to depict civilizations outside of Europe and North America.

"Alex and Steve are getting some new friends"

New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft

The Dressing Room feature in the game can be used to access these additional characters, though, if a player updates their Bedrock Edition to beta version

The appearance and clothing of each new default skin is fairly distinctive, from Ari's orange tunic to Sunny's green shirt and overalls.

In the Bedrock Edition, you can add your own unique spin to these stock skins by using the Dressing Room to further modify them. In order to better represent oneself, Java Edition players can also manually alter the skins that come with the game.

According to Mojang's latest blog postings and comments made during Minecraft Live, these new default skins are meant to enhance how users represent their own unique appearance in the game.

As the New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft through Java player's skin selection dashboard, you can try them out now.

New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft - 2

What is Coming in Minecraft 1.20

With the Minecraft 1.20 release date already foretold there have been plenty of speculations and excitement that have been created. The new bamboo wood set and camel were highlighted by Mojang as examples of real-world situations that the game hasn't yet adequately represented.

Bamboo will feature numerous new structural elements, such as planks, stairs, trapdoors, and doors. There will also be a mosaic block made of bamboo and making a boat out of bamboo only yields a raft.

According to Larsson, rafts still have the same hitboxes as boats and can accommodate the same number of passengers and chests. This feature goes together when the New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft.

Camels have two-player saddles and reside in desert settlements. Because of their lively, floppy ears, camels are "extraordinarily charming and derpy," according to Larsson. As camels can run around, the new mount moves a little differently than horses.

More Things to Come

Larsson stated that a new biome is unlikely to be included in the Minecraft 1.20 update, but there will still be some extra goodies. One of them is the brand-new chiseled bookshelf, a real working bookshelf.

Up to six books can be stored on a chiseled bookshelf that you can make. You can also use Redstone to transform them into doors for hidden passages.

Hanging signs will also be included in the 1.20 update where New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft as well. You can make any type of wood into one of these three variations.

Several signs can be hung off of each other in various directions and won't blow around, according to Larsson.

New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft - 4

How to Play the Preview of Minecraft 1.20

2023 will see the official release of Minecraft 1.20 and it is when New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft. However, you can use a fresh Java Snapshot or Bedrock Beta to access the new Minecraft 1.20 content.

Users of the Minecraft Java edition can access the latest Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot by launching the Minecraft Launcher, clicking the arrow next to the Play button, and selecting the most current Snapshot.

Make sure to turn on Experimental Features to ensure that Minecraft 1.20 content is present in your environment. If you're using the Minecraft Bedrock edition, open the Minecraft Launcher and select the Minecraft Preview option.

Install the Preview branch, then make sure that your world's Experimental Features are enabled. Regardless of your version, the procedure to enable Experimental Features is the same.

While making a new planet, check the game settings and enable Experimental Features. You may also enable Experimental Features in an existing world by heading to settings and looking for the Experiments section.

But do know that since New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft then you can already play them in Java right away.

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