Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, Updates, and News 

 Last Modified November 28, 2022

 Published November 28, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, Updates, and News

The Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, Updates, and News were definitely buzzing in the trending topics as Mojang announced it in Minecraft live.

To start things of Minecraft 1.20 was announced at Minecraft Live 2022. It is the next significant upgrade to Minecraft was revealed.


The team has stated that they won't reveal the name or whole feature list for Minecraft 1.20 just yet since they don't want to let users down by possibly modifying or reversing features while work is still ongoing.

We'll go through everything we know about Minecraft 1.20 in this guide, including when you may use these features in the Snapshot and Preview branches.


"There are still a ton of fascinating aspects to learn, such as brand-new animals, blocks, and more!"

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Minecraft 1.20 Release Date Expectations

The Minecraft 1.20 Release Date has not yet been disclosed but it will be beyond 2023, the team has not yet provided a precise release date, but we will keep you informed as soon as we do.

The Wild Update, formerly known as Minecraft 1.19, was the most recent significant update, and it was made available in June 2022.

We may definitely anticipate a similar launch window for Minecraft 1.20 because it was announced at Minecraft Live 2021.

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, Updates, and News - 5

Minecraft 1.20 New Blocks

Along with the Hanging Signs and Chiseled Bookshelf blocks, The Minecraft 1.20 Release Date will also add a new Bamboo wood type. The information regarding these new blocks is provided below.


The new wood type in the Minecraft 1.20 release date is bamboo. It has a stunning new design and may be used to create any block that can typically be created with wood, such as doors, staircases, and trapdoors.

The new Bamboo Mosaic block, which performs similarly to a plank but has two sizable rectangles on each face, can also be made using bamboo.

One of the new ways that users may display their artistic talent in Minecraft 1.20 is with the Bamboo Mosaic block.

The Raft, which is a Bamboo version of the boat block, can also be made using bamboo. The Raft performs the same tasks as the Boat, but Mojang claims its new appearance will benefit players.

Hanging Signs

Another brand-new block type in Minecraft 1.20 release date is the hanging sign. In actual use, they should feel comfortable because Hanging Signs are meant to mark objects around your surroundings much like regular Signs.

Using Chains and Stripped Logs, you can create a Hanging Sign. The Hanging Sign can then be positioned in three different ways to produce subtle variations.

The Hanging Sign will have two chains hanging vertically on the top and bottom two corners when hung from a broad block, like boards.

The Hanging Sign's chains will be attached diagonally to the sign when it is hung from a small object like a fence post.

Chiseled Bookshelf

The Chiseled Bookshelf is the last new block that has been officially revealed for the Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, and it's also the most intriguing.

Instead of throwing all of your books into a chest or lecterns, you may keep them correctly with the Chiseled Bookshelf.

You can then remove certain books by hovering over them rather than opening an inventory menu. The option to use Redstone to interact with the Chiseled Bookshelf, however, may be the best feature for us nerds who are fixated on creating new house designs.

The Chiseled Bookshelf can be made to remember the last book you interacted with using Redstone, and you can use that information to unlock the bookshelf and reveal a hidden door or chamber in your base.

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Minecraft 1.20 New Mobs

Camels and the Sniffer are the two new enemies that will be added to the Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, according to Mojang.

Below, you can find out more about these two brand-new mobs that will appear in Minecraft 1.20.


With more than half of the votes cast, The Sniffer won the Minecraft Live 2022 crowd vote. The Sniffer will be included in Minecraft 1.20 release date in 2023, however there are some aspects that are already known.

The Sniffer is a legendary mob that has long since vanished from the Minecraft universe. But if you explore underwater ruins, you can find one for yourself by taking a Sniffer Egg out of there.

Although it's unclear if there will be a specific action required to for Sniffer Eggs to hatch, we do know that once they do, Sniffers will go in search of and dig up Ancient Seeds.

They'll most likely do that via sniffing. You can plant an Ancient Seed after removing it from a Sniffer.


In Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, camels are a brand-new steed that you can ride, but they differ significantly from horses in two important ways.

First of all, Camels have the ability to rush across chasms and ravines without tumbling and suffering harm.

The second feature is the ability for two players to ride a camel simultaneously, with the back player being able to aim and discharge a bow at any approaching foes.

Since one player may concentrate on riding while another protects them from any harmful mobs that occur along the route, they are excellent for traveling on excursions.

You must feed a piece of cactus to Camels in order to breed them. After that, they'll fall in love and have a baby camel. Deserts frequently contain cactus.

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How to Play the Preview of Minecraft 1.20

The official Minecraft 1.20 release date will be in 2023. However, you can access the new Minecraft 1.20 content by using a new Java Snapshot or Bedrock Beta.

By starting the Minecraft Launcher, clicking the arrow next to the Play button, and choosing the most recent Snapshot, users of the Minecraft Java edition can access the new Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot.

To make sure that Minecraft 1.20 content is active in your world, make sure to activate Experimental Features.

Open the Minecraft Launcher and go to the Minecraft Preview tab if you are using the Minecraft Bedrock edition.

Install the Preview branch and make sure Experimental Features are turned on in your world after that.

The process to enable Experimental Features is the same regardless of your version. Look under Game Settings and turn on Experimental Features while creating a new world.

By going to settings and looking for the Experiments area, you can also enable Experimental Features in a world that already exists.

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