How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft 

 Last Modified March 28, 2022

 Published March 28, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft - 1

If you are the type of Minecraft player who enjoys designing libraries and huge book collections then you would want to know how to make a lectern in Minecraft.

Ever since lecterns have been added in Minecraft 1.10 they have become a wonderful block used for designing beautiful studies and archives.


Not only are lecterns a great decoration block, but they also come with some very neat functions.

Lecterns can hold books open so other players can read them and use them to decorate specific rooms in their builds.


In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to make a lectern in Minecraft.

How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft - 2

What is a Lectern in Minecraft

In Minecraft a Lectern is mainly purposed as the job site block for librarians. It's used to keep books for several players in multiplayer so they may all read them.

Odd enough, Librarians do not use lecterns, for example, by placing books on them. They simply look at the lectern from less than a block away and "work."

A Lectern is also a block that can be used for decoration, to make your builds look more eye-catching and complete.

You can use it for interior decoration in your studies, libraries and even in your church builds. Only your creativity limits the usage of Lecterns in the game.

How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft

To make a lectern in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 wooden slabs
  • 1 bookshelf
How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft - 3

Open the 3x3 grid crafting area to make a lectern in Minecraft. Fill the first row with three wooden slabs.

Put a bookshelf in the middle of the second row, and then one more wooden slab directly below it.

Simply drag the Lectern into your inventory after clicking it. To make one lectern, you must use one batch of the components. So if you require multiple lecterns, keep all of the materials on hand by stacking them.

Where can I Find Lecterns in Minecraft

If you are not the type of player who enjoys crafting then you might want to try and look for Lecterns instead.

The easiest and most obvious way to find Lecterns in Minecraft is by going to villages and going inside their libraries.

You are bound to find at least two lecterns per library. You can easily spot it since the librarian will be looking at it in the morning.

Some players have also claimed that you can find lecterns by searching for them in locations where witches spawn. However this rumor is unconfirmed and it would be harder since you will need to fight the witch first.

Despite being able to find lecterns that spawn naturally it is always easier and more convenient to learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft instead.

How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft - 5

How to use Lecterns in Minecraft

Lecterns have a few very important functions in Minecraft. The first and most obvious use of lecterns is that they can hold books open for several players to read at the same time.

This is extremely useful if you want to create a library or study area where multiple players can learn from the information inside the book.

Lecterns also come with a built-in redstone comparator function. This means that you can use them in conjunction with other blocks to create some very complex redstone contraptions.

For example, you can use a Lectern to automatically turn on lamps when it gets dark outside or even open doors when players approach them.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. How you use Lecterns in your world is up to you.

Based from how nifty a lectern would be, we can say that it is indeed important to learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft.

How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft - 4

Lectern Fun Facts

  • You can use lecterns as fuel for a furnace. It can smelt up to 1.5 items
  • Note blocks can be used to generate "bass" sound by placing lecterns beneath them
  • If you have a villager farm, you can change a villagers profession by putting a lectern near a villager
  • Learning how to make a lectern in Minecraft is faster than trying to find one in the vast world
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