Minecraft Horse

Minecraft Horses

Woah-there, buckaroo! Looking to hear about Minecraft horses are you? Well, you’ve certainly moseyed on down to the right place, partner. Ahem. Well enough of that. If need to four-one-one on everything do with the horses that inhabit the world of Minecraft, you’re in safe hands. Read on to hear all there is to know about Minecraft’s equine friends.

What is a Minecraft Horse?

Minecraft horses were always a long-requested feature for Minecraft. And after many patient years of waiting we eventually got them. But don’t just run over to the first horse you see and expect to have a brand new faithful steed.

How do Minecraft Horses work?

Horses obviously have a use that springs to mind, and honestly, that’s their only real use! Though, it’s not as simple as you might initially think, so let’s run through everything it takes to get yourself a pony or two.

Tame the beast.

To begin your equestrian journey, you’re going to have to tame a horse. You can’t do anything before taming a horse, so it’s the best place to start. Taming a horse is a simple process: keeping mounting a horse of your choice until it doesn’t buck you off. This works at random, so don’t be offended if a horse doesn’t let you sit on it right away. Keep at it and eventually you’ll see some love hearts and you’ll be best buds.

Ride like the wind!

Now you’ve got a tamed horse, there’s the issue of riding the thing. For this you’ll need a saddle which you can either find as loot or craft using leather. Place the saddle on the horse’s back. Now mount the horse using right-click on the mouse. Now for the fun bit! To ride the horse, much like regular Minecraft movement, you point in the direction you’d like to move in and use WASD (by default) to move. Horses run up slopes that descend by one block, so you can build up some serious speed running through the vast Minecraft biomes. By using the jump button you can also make the horse jump, with the jump’s length depending on how long you hold the jump charge.

Start dressin’

Press E while sat in the saddle to access the horse’s inventory. Here you can manage what items the horse has equipped. There’s different sets of horse armour that correspond to the game’s armour types for the player. From leather to diamond attire, you can make your horse stand out!

Start a family

A good horse can always benefit from having a family, and it’s a relatively easy task to do. If you want your horse to have its very own brood, just feed them and another horse either golden apples or golden carrots to activate their love mode. Shortly after a foal will be made and will be smaller than the adult horses, but will grow to full size soon.

What’s good about Minecraft Horses?

✔Can be ridden

✔Have awesome armour sets

✔Sometimes spawn in stables within villages

Minecraft Horse Must-knows:

  • The Minecraft horses we all know and love today are actually based off of a player-made mod. The Mojang team had help from ‘Mo’ Creatures’ mod creator, DrZhark (John Olarte) in the creation of Minecraft’s equestrian creatures. The model that exists to this day is actually based on the horse model from Olarte’s very own mod. Cool!

  • Horses were first introduced in Java Edition 13w16a during April 18, 2013

  • Way before horses were actually brought into the game, Mojang pulled an April Fool’s prank on all of us by announcing that ‘horses’ had been added to the game’s roster of mobs. What actually had happened was Mojang retextured the regular Minecraft cows and pigs to look like horses. This happened during the April Fool's Joke Update, Java Edition 2.0.

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