Minecraft Donkey

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 28, 2020
Updated: January 28, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 28, 2020
Updated: January 28, 2020

Minecraft Donkey, Minecraft Donkey, on the dusty road! Ahem. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Donkeys have been in the game since 1.6.1 and have remained to be lovable little equines ever since. Always there whenever we need something to be carried, donkeys are the underdog (underdonkey?) of the Minecraft animal world. Keep reading to hear everything there is to know about Minecraft’s undersung donkey.

What is a Minecraft Donkey?

Minecraft donkeys work essentially like a different variant of the Minecraft horse. They differ slightly in size and have much larger and pointier ears. Unlike other tamed animals, donkeys do not change appearance after the taming process. Though similar to the horse, donkeys are much better suited at transporting goods, as they are pack animals. They also do not vary in their colour or coat.

How do Minecraft Donkeys work?


Donkeys can be found in the same areas that horses can, and each time a herd of horses spawns there is a 10% chance the herd will spawn as donkeys. This makes donkeys relatively rare when compared to the spawn percentages of horses. You can typically find them grazing in savanna or plains biomes.

Donkey ride

If you’re looking to tame yourself a donkey, you’ll need a bit of patience. It’s a relatively easy process, but taming horses and donkeys is essentially a dice roll and you’ll need to keep getting up on the donkey if it bucks you off. If you’ve tamed horses in Minecraft before, you’ll understand the basic idea here. Approach a donkey that you’d like to tame and with an empty hand right-click to mount it. The donkey will likely buck you off here. Keep trying to mount the donkey and repeat until hearts float above its head and it no longer bucks you off.


Carry me home

Donkeys are pack animals, meaning they’re fantastic at transporting goods across large distances. Donkeys can’t be given fancy armour like horses, but they can be given snazzy saddlebags to allow you and your friend to travel with plenty of resources available to you at any given time. Simply approach your donkey, and holding left-click with a chest in your main hand, use the chest on the donkey. This will equip the donkey with saddlebags that provide an extra 15 inventory slots. Though it’s good to note that you can’t remove the saddlebags without saying goodbye to your donkey friend, so you’ve been warned.

What’s good about Minecraft Donkeys?

✔Great for transporting goods

✔Unique variant of Minecraft horses

✔One of the fastest pack animal transportation options in the game

What isn’t as good about Minecraft Donkeys?

X Not as fast as horses

X Can’t equip horse armour

X All donkeys look alike

Minecraft Animal Must-knows:

  • Although similar to horses, donkeys stand at 1.6 blocks high and 1.4 blocks wide and long, making them smaller than the size of horses.

  • Donkeys drop leather, so players can humorously achieve the ‘Cow Tipper’ achievement without needing to interact with a cow.

  • A player can lead a donkey that is being ridden by another player. This is great for when your friend is about to go AFK!

  • You can breed a horse and a donkey together to create a mule, a unique mob.


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