Minecraft Dog

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 28, 2020
Updated: January 28, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 28, 2020
Updated: January 28, 2020

Minecraft Dogs are a unique mob in Minecraft that act as both loyal companions and faithful protectors to their owners. They are found in packs among the overworld and can be easily tamed, turning your lonely single player adventure into a fun filled campaign with your best buddy. Want to hear more about these cuddly canines? Read on!

What is a Minecraft Dog?

Strictly speaking *pushes up nerd glasses*, there are no dogs in Minecraft. What most people mean when they’re talking about dogs in Minecraft is actually the tamed version of the Minecraft wolf. The more you know! You can tame any wild wolf to become your best bud. What’s more is that you can breed these loyal hounds to make lots of puppers.

How do Minecraft Dogs work?

Minecraft wolves spawn in packs in biomes such as forests, taigas, giant tree taigas and snowy taigas. They can be easily spotted as they travel in numbers and can be often seen hunting mobs such as sheep.

Man’s best friend

If you want a canine friend you’re going to need a lot of dedication and probably a good supply of bones. Wolves spawn naturally as neutral mobs. They won’t attack you unless unprovoked, so let that be a warning to you. To tame a wild neutral wolf, go up to the wolf of your choice and feed it some bones. After a random amount the wolf will be tamed and a series of hearts will appear above its head. Once tamed, a wolf will have a red collar and will instantly sit. Now you have your very own Minecraft dog. Just remember to walk and feed them every day.

Protect and serve

Once tamed, Minecraft dogs will serve you until the bitter end. They will freely hunt certain passive mobs such as sheep, but will also defend you from aggressive mobs such as skeletons and zombies. Dogs are tough fighters, but its always good to have a few dogs in a party at any given time so that any potential damage is dispersed between them. This way you won’t accidentally lose any of your pup pals. It’s not all on them though, you can also do you bit to make sure your dogs are healthy and doing well. You can view their current health by the position of their tail. If a dog’s tail is lowered, it’s low on health. If a dog’s tail is up high, it’s healthy. Feed your dogs tasty treats such as beef, mutton or chicken and they’ll be fighting strong in no time.

What’s good about Minecraft Dogs ?

✔Faithful companions

✔Super cute, especially the pups!

✔Useful as protection

What’s not so good about Minecraft Dog?

X Can die quite easily

Minecraft Dog Must-knows:

  • Wolves’ health is displayed by the height of their tail. If a wolf’s tail is low, it’s not very healthy. Conversely, if their tail is high, they are in good condition.

  • Minecraft wolves were first introduced in Minecraft Beta 1.4. There was some controversy over the amount of content added in the update and it helped spawn the cheekily-named mod ‘Better Than Wolves’ which added a lot of creative and unique mod content to the game.

  • There is actually no limit on the number of wolves you can have tamed at any given point. As long as your computer can run it, you can tame as many as you like.

  • You can dye wolves’ collars to be different colours.

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