Minecraft Animals

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Minecraft Animals. The overworld would be a very lonely place without them. Since the game’s humble beginnings the blocky world we inhabit has been home to at least a few animals. Years later, the game is full of more animals than ever, and the roster looks like it will only continue to grow in the years to come. So, sit down like a duck and squeal like a pig because we’re going to run through everything there is to know about Minecraft animals. Let’s go!

What are Minecraft Animals?

Minecraft Animals are the mobs that spawn in the overworld. They can be distinguished from other creatures that spawn in the overworld by their distinction from ‘monsters’. Animals are not aggressive mobs, so technically speaking a Minecraft spider is a monster, rather than an animal. Animals are either passive or neutral mobs, meaning they won’t attack the player at all, or they will attack if provoked. Many mobs drop useful items upon death, and several mobs can be tamed by the player.

How do Minecraft Animals work?

In Minecraft, wolves spawn in the overworld in wooded biomes like forests or taigas, as well as variants of these two. You can find them easily wandering around the world in packs, roaming the landscape and hunting for food.

Food, glorious food!

Unless you’re doing a vegan Minecraft playthrough, you’re probably going to have to chow down on some of the animals you share the overworld with. Tons of animals can be used for produce, such as cows, chickens, sheep and pigs, as well as the various fish you can find swimming in Minecraft’s waters. Animals also can be used to farm materials. Notably, cows can be milked for, well, milk. And sheep can be sheared to get wool, which can be used for decoration or to make beds.

Variety is the spice of life

Minecraft would be a bit of a boring experience without animals. Classic animals such as pigs, cows and sheep have been mainstays for so long that they've become iconic parts of the Minecraft experience. We wouldn’t ever want to get rid of any animals, as they add much needed variety into the game. For a while, the most exciting animal addition we got was the squid. These days though, the game is bursting with different types of animals, with varying rarity, usefulness and drops. Animals allow certain biomes to flourish, add atmosphere and just generally add something different to each and every playthrough.

What’s good about Minecraft Animals?

✔Add variety into the game

✔Lots of different animals to discover

✔Never hostile towards the player

What’s not so good about Minecraft Animals?

X Some animals are more useful than others

Minecraft Animal Must-knows:

  • If you rename a sheep to “jeb_”, its wool will change colour.
  • ‘Ambient’ animals earn their title as they constantly spawn and despawn depending on where the player is, as they serve no purpose otherwise.
  • ‘Dogs’ do not exist in Minecraft. The only canine that exists is the wolf in its neutral form and its tamed form.
  • A number of animals can be tamed and kept as pets or used for practical reasons
  • If you rename a rabbit to “Toast” the rabbit will be given a different texture. This is in reference to xyzen420's girlfriend's rabbit that went missing.

There are already multiple minecraft texturepacks available for animals. You can find it scattered everywhere. There are several more types of animals that you can find in Minecraft. The most common term used for Animals is Mobs. There are neutral mobs, passive mobs and agressive mobs which will attack you. You can find texture packs for mobs and minecraft animals in minecraft-resourcepacks.com.