Technoblade’s Live Stream Raised 323k USD For Cancer Research 

 Last Modified September 26, 2021

 Published September 21, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Technoblade's Live Stream Raised 323k USD For Cancer Research

In amazing fashion, Technoblade's live stream raised 323k for cancer research. On September 26, 2021 the God of Minecraft PvP did his livestream and aimed to get $250k in 28 days.

However, to the surprise of everyone. The total funds raised during the whole run reached up to $323,00 in the span of only three hours.


He started this whole campaign to show support to all of the cancer patients in the world. The stream was started just weeks after Technoblade got diagnosed with cancer himself. 

"The stream got way more than the targeted amount, and way faster than expected."

Technoblade's Live Stream Raised $323k For Cancer Research - 3

The Most Epic Live Stream

Not only did has the Live Stream Raised 323k, it also provided fans and gamers something to remember. Everyone was entertained and all donations were for a great cause.

Despite already getting donations from left and right on his behalf the King of Minecraft PvP decided to host his own way of supporting his fellow cancer patients. 

He thought of a way which could benefit not just him, but everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. He brilliantly set-up a stream where fans were to donate based and get some incentives.

At the same time, the goals of the stream were changed over and over again based from fan’s requests.

The live stream wasn’t just your ordinary stream. It was one of those that was going to be remembered for a long time especially to Minecraft fans.

Not only was it epic in terms of the run itself to beat the game. It also featured some other Minecraft superstars such as Tubbo and Ranboo who played the roles of hunters who were chasing down Technoblade.

Technoblade's Live Stream Raised $323k For Cancer Research

When the stream started, it was pretty chill and mellow until the adventure started. In less than two hours Techno has already received over $150k in donations.

It had pretty intense gameplay complete with proper stories and fun dialogues.

To no surprise to anyone the stream was filled with amazing UHC PvP action as the hunters tried to slay Technoblade constantly as he was adventuring throughout the world. 

He also showed some pretty advance Minecraft strategies and some super-fast thinking plans to escape danger at any time.

By the 3 hour mark, techno was in the nether fighting with both the Ender Dragon and the Wither. Aside from the two bosses hordes of Endermen also tried to kill and slay him.

In that timeline the live stream raised 323k as well. He used great technique and advanced methods to complete the goal and be glorious once again.

“He originally set the charity campaign to be a series of streams within 28 days. It was originally planned to raise $250,000.00 and would be donated to Sarcoma Foundation of America.”

Overall the entire stream was fast paced, thrilling, and was also directed by the Minecraft fans who were there to support the King in his campaign. All in all the total amount collected was $323,021.39.

At the end of the stream, techno thanked everyone for the amazing feat of charity and stated that he might do it again for the same purpose of donating it to cancer research.

However, he said he might or may not be able to do it due to his cancer treatment.

Technoblade's Live Stream Raised $323k For Cancer Research - 2

Technoblade’s Cancer Treatment

Before he ended the stream, Techno stated that he would really love to do another stream and add more funds for cancer research however he also stated he might not be able to do it because of his ongoing cancer treatment.

He will undergo radiation therapy within the last week of September going through the first week of October.

He stated that some of the people he knew told him that radiation therapy was going to be painful and will deteriorate his body. However, on the other hand his mother said it is a better option.

“They’re going to put me on radiation therapy next week,”

Charity for Cancer Research

Plenty of Minecraft players such as Dream have already provided support by donating to Charity for cancer research.

However one big surprise is that MrBeast did not yet pitch despite being labelled as the most philanthropic YouTuber ever.

One of the most successful charity campaigns will be Technoblade's live stream raised 323k for cancer research.

The great campaign provided plenty of funds to help everyone who is diagnosed with cancer.

Yes the stream might be over but you can still donate by going to the charity’s Tiltify page.

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