How to Make Bricks in Minecraft 

 Last Modified May 2, 2022

 Published May 2, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

How to Make Bricks in Minecraft - 1

Knowing how to make bricks in Minecraft has been an evidential benefit especially if you are the type of player who enjoys making amazing builds.

You can use bricks for so many purposes. However, to be bluntly honest you can finish the game without even using it.

But, if you are a player who wants to try new things and utilize all blocks and elements of the game then this would be awesome learning for you.

What are Bricks in Minecraft

Bricks are a decorative block that was first introduced in the Beta update. Bricks can be found naturally generated in strongholds and igloos.

Bricks can also be Crafted by the player in order for them to utilize them in creating amazing builds or structures.

Knowing how to make bricks in Minecraft is a way faster way to gather them rather than trying to gather naturally spawned ones from strongholds.

Bricks were added since Minecraft 1.8 however they are not that used and are not that popular before.

However, ever since tons of players have been showcasing how good they are with making awesome builds, there have been more and more players who use them.

This is due to the fact that they can be utilized for medieval structures or builds and modern designs at the same time.

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How to Make Bricks in Minecraft

To make bricks in Minecraft, you will need to obtain some clay. Clay can be found by digging up soil blocks and harvesting wet dirt biomes.

After getting some clay you will need to gather some fuel to use for smelting. You would also definitely need a furnace to complete the process.

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It might sound difficult at first but knowing how to make bricks in Minecraft is fairly easy and can be done in the first hour of a freshly generated world.

So, moving forward. Once you have gathered all of the requirements needed all you need to do is open your furnace.

Afterward, place the clay, then add your fuel and wait. After a few seconds, your clay will become bricks. All that's left to do is gather your bricks and start creating.

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What are Bricks Used For in Minecraft

Bricks are versatile blocks that can be used for a variety of purposes in Minecraft. They can be used to create stunning builds and structures, add elements of style to your creations, or even used as decorations.

Additionally, bricks can also be used as building materials and aid in crafting multi-block structures.

Whether you're just starting out in Minecraft or are a seasoned player, knowing how to make bricks in the game can be incredibly useful and allow you to add new elements to your creations.

Whether you are looking for a new way to build cool structures or simply want to add more diversity to the types of blocks you use, knowing how to make bricks in Minecraft is sure to be an invaluable skill. 

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Minecraft Bricks Fun Facts

  • Bricks are one of the few blocks that cannot be destroyed by the Ender Dragon
  • Bricks have a blast resistance of 30, making them one of the most resistant blocks in the game
  • When TNT is placed on top of bricks it will create a different explosion sound than other blocks
  • Bricks were originally added to Minecraft in the Beta 1.6 update and have continued to be an important part of the game ever since
  • Many players use bricks to create epic builds and structures, including castles and other medieval designs 
  • Some popular Minecraft YouTubers such as DanTDM are known for using bricks in their videos and creations 
  • Bricks can be found naturally generated in strongholds and igloos 
  • Knowing how to make bricks in Minecraft rather than trying to harvest them in strongholds and igloos is an easier method of stacking them
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