FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16.2 Texture Pack

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 21, 2021
Updated: January 21, 2021
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 21, 2021
Updated: January 21, 2021

Is it a bat? Is it a mooshroom? No, it’s a new resource pack! Here’s some fresh coverage of FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16, a pack that combines the heart of the faithful resource pack subgenre with the beautiful minimalism of 8×8 textures. Sound like your sort of pack? Check out the review below! If you are playing the latest snapshot of Minecraft then Faithful 32x 1.17 download is also an ideal pack to try out.

If you are interested in Faithful for PE or Bedrock, then awesome news for you because faithful 32×32 mcpe is also available for download. You can check it right now, download and install it within a few seconds.

What is FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack?

FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack is one of the packs that I’m a big sucker for. While a lot of resource packs go to use the highest texture resolution possible, this pack revels in the smallest of canvases. With its tiny, blocky art style, this resource pack is a beautiful way to compliment Minecraft’s blocky DNA.

Is FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack fun to play with?

It sure is. This pack is fantastic and I’d highly recommend that many players check it out for a minimal approach to Minecraft.

As the name would suggest, Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack is an effort to present a whole new selection of 8×8 textures for Minecraft in a style that evokes the same characteristics of the game’s default look and feel. It’s one of those packs that manages to leave a massive impact despite the amount of pixels.

The actual texture designs in Faithful 8x 1.16 are excellently made. There was a clear appreciation for composition and pixel art that is perceptible throughout my time playing with the pack installed on my version of the game.

One of the best aspects of this pack is how it manages to transform incredibly common and ubiquitous parts of the Minecraft world into beautifully formed pieces of pixel art. Even those of you who have logged countless hours into the game will still appreciate the fresh take on Minecraft’s many blocks and items here.

Another added benefit to the pack’s incredibly simple art style is that it helps relieve load on your computer’s processing power. The pack’s lower resolution means that a lot less power is required to load the textures, meaning that you’ll get a boost to your total FPS counter overall! A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

With all of the above said and done, all I can really do is recommend this to any and all faithful Minecraft players out there who might be reading. Even if you don’t typically play with lower resolution packs, you’d be a fool to simply toss this one aside on account of its miniscule 8×8 pixel range. Read on to the section down below to see my installation guide if you want to try Faithful 8x yourself!

What’s great about FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack?:

✔ Simple, beautifully designed textures that help to boost FPS

✔ Incredibly strong art style

✔ Works very well with Minecraft’s blocky world

What’s not great FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack?:

X Very low texture resolution won’t appeal to everyone

X Emphases Minecraft’s blocky style

X Some more texture variation would be appreciated

How to install FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack:

Want to install this pack to experience the world of Minecraft through a 8×8 resolution lens? Hankering for your own personal low-resolution revolution? Then you’re definitely in the right place. With a quick jaunt down to the paragraph below, you’ll see a step-by-step process on how to install any resource pack you wish.

First, download FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack as a zip file. Once the download is finished, make your way to your Minecraft’s ‘resourcepack’ folder. You can find this folder easily by going to the game’s options menu and navigating to resource packs>open resource pack folder. You can also find the folder using one of the following file directories:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


With the resource pack folder open, drop the Faithful 8x zip inside. Once you’ve done that, head over to Minecraft’s resource pack menu and activate the pack.


FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16 Texture Pack

FPS Boosting Faithful 8x 1.16.2 Texture Pack DOWNLOAD

At the end of the day, if you want to play Minecraft you first need to download OptiFine! There are millions of players in Minecraft make sure that you are using fair mods which does not disrupt or bother gameplay of other players.

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