Depixel 1.16 – Default 32×32 (snapshot)

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Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) is a resource pack for Minecraft 1.16 that is dead set on making your Minecraft visuals better than ever. But don’t fret you faithful players out there, as Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) is also a vanilla-inspired pack, so all of the game’s classic charm is left undisturbed. After some great looking visuals that don’t sacrifice Minecraft’s iconic look? Then read on!

What is Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot)?

Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot), like all vanilla/faithful packs, is very much focused on maintaining the deep-rooted charm and wonder that exists in Minecraft. But that doesn’t mean that Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) isn’t a pretty pack. In fact, I’m sure you’ll find it is quite the opposite!

Is Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) a fun pack to play with?

You’re probably self isolating right now, so what could be better than checking out some resource packs? Now obviously, although you’ve got some extra time for Mincraft, that doesn't mean you want to waste that time on subpar resource packs. Well, luckily for us, Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) is anything but subpar.

Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) is a resource pack that’s great if you want to boost Minecraft’s visual quality without taking away from the normal Minecraft experience. And it has managed to build up a reputation as a solid quality pack thanks to its long history. Basically, if you’re already using Depixel, then Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) won’t leave you disappointed.

The pack really manages to keep Minecraft's aesthetic always at an arm's length, and the result of this means that you won't ever be wandering around your world, completely lost to which blocks you're looking at. Many parts of the pack actually look incredibly similar to the vanilla game, so Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) really delivers in this regard. 

Obviously, thanks to the jump from 16x16 to 32x32 resolution, there's double the amount of texture fidelity to enjoy. Classic blocks like grass, sand and wood look fantastic, and their colour palettes are authentically accurate to the vanilla game's colour scheme.

With this being the 1.16 snapshot, I've got to talk about the new netherite armour and items. Unfortunately, not all of the new netherite content has been given the same Depixel treatment. The armour is the same as the vanilla version, but the netherite tools look fantastic—particularly the new netherite sword.

What’s good about Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot)?

✔ Improvements and tweaks to Minecraft’s classic textures.

✔ Manages to uphold the feel of vanilla Minecraft

✔ Texture resolution boost from 16x16

What’s not-so-good about Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) ?

X Fairly basic pack, not appealing to thrill seekers

X I felt like some textures didn’t look as good as their originals

X Would not suggest to players who like substantial visual changes

How to install Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot)

Want to install Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) for yourself? I don't blame you, with it's excellent balance of new additions and classic content! If you've never installed a resource pack before, take a look down below to see how it's done.

Download Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) as a zip file. Once it's done, move the file into your Minecraft 'resource pack' folder. To find the folder easily, go to the game's option menu and then select resource packs>open resource pack folder. You can also locate the resource pack folder by using the following table:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


Place the zip for Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) into the resource pack folder and enable it through the Minecraft resource pack menu.

Depixel 1.16 - Default 32x32 (snapshot) Preview

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