Old Bedrock Layer Replaced with Deepslate in Minecraft 1.18 Snapshots 

 Last Modified October 4, 2021

 Published October 4, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Old Bedrock Layer Replaced with Deepslate in Minecraft 1.18 Snapshots - 4

As the depth of the world increases the old bedrock levels are going to have to get moved or replaced.

The most significant change in Minecraft 1.18, dubbed Caves and Cliffs Part 2, is the introduction of sub-mountain biomes, which have been anticipated for quite some time.


It also includes other improvements and additions to the game. Caves and mountains were not simple to create.

The Caves and Cliffs update was split because of new world generation features. New mountains may generate up to Y 260, while caves can go as deep as Y -59.


Caves, on the other hand, have one major disadvantage: the bedrock layer. The issue of upgrading old worlds to 1.18, however, was resolved by Minecraft developers.

Old Bedrock Layer Replaced with Deepslate in Minecraft 1.18 Snapshots - 1

Old Bedrock Layer Replaced with Deepslate

At the bottom of the Overworld, users may come upon unbreakable layers of rock as they approach Y 0. The world build limit will be increased by 50 in the next update (1.18). The new depth cap is now Y -64.

When they heard about this change, most gamers wondered how they would upgrade older worlds to 1.18. Anyways, you can still use resource packs though if you want to keep the Bedrock block.


"The previous chunks will have bedrock layers at Y 0, but the new pieces will have them at Y -64."

In the 10-year history of Minecraft, players have received numerous updates that have affected world generation.

They were able to upgrade their worlds to the most recent version every time.

Mojang doesn't want players to lose their prior worlds, and as a result, they've developed a solution for the core issue, and it is to replace old bedrock blocks with deepslate.

Why Deepslate was the solution

At y level 0, bedrock will be replaced by deepslate in the most recent Minecraft beta. Players can check this out by loading 1.17 or older worlds with experimental Caves and Cliffs features.

They will be able to discover the second generation of 1.18 cave rooms, which is known as deepslate layers.

It's probably the most effective approach to update older vistas to 1.18. This way, players won't have to go far distances in search of the new caves.

Smaller basements under Y 0 might have an impact on mob farms and lower their performance. Gamers with big farms will have to mine the chunks again in order to receive the greatest mob drops.


"All loaded areas will have a mix of ancient and modern caverns. There is, however, a negative consequence to this world generation function."

Why is bedrock a problem

Bedrock isn't a real problem. It was previously designed to keep players from dropping out of the overworld when they dig too deep.

It is kind of like the most bottom part of the overworld which prevents players from falling into the void.

However, since Mojang wants to improve the overall gaming experience by adding Y -64 more levels to be able to dig down to the old bedrock generation which was at Y 0 needed to be changed.

If left unchanged the additional -64 levels you can go deeper will be useless since you can't possible smash or destroy bedrock.


"So, the most ethical solution to the problem was to create a hard block which would help players identify that they have reached Y 0, hence deepslate was added as a solution."

Digging Deeper or Climbing Higher

As you might have already heard from the press release of Minecraft 1.18's snapshot release you can now go 64 levels higher or 64 levels lower.

This means more crazy and amazing adventures for players as they either go to higher mountains or venture to lower caves.

Either path they choose they are in for a ride of a lifetime as they get to meet new mobs, new animals, and so much more in the official release of Minecraft 1.18

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