Official Minecraft 1.18 Snapshots have been released 

 Last Modified April 8, 2022

 Published September 24, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot release - 4

No more secret or experimental snapshots as the official Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot Release has been officially added on the Minecraft launcher. It can now be played in as snapshot 21W37A.

Players would no longer try to look for a reliable source to download the Minecraft 1.18 secret snapshot. It can now be easily played by ticking snapshots in your launcher and choosing that version.


Minecraft has came a long way since it was first released on 2011. The Part 2 of the caves and cliffs update is one of the most awaited releases.

We would have to wait for December to get the official release of Minecraft 1.18 but for now at least we have the snapshot to give us some time to explore.


Bye Bye Experimental Snapshot

The Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot has come to an end as the Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot Release is live!

The new world generation functions have been brought into the standard beta program by Mojang, which means they're now quite close to what we'll get at release the official release.

If you haven't tried out any previous Experimental Snapshots, the new world generation essentially provides more authentic settings that shift gradually from all of the biomes.

At the same time, you can now experience the expanded heights of the overworld. This means deeper caves, and higher mountains.


"This is one of the biggest updates in Minecraft ever."

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot Release 21W37A

Since we won't be getting Minecraft 1.18 anytime soon, the developers at Mojang have provided us with a snapshot where we can try all of the new features of the game as they continue to complete it.

But before you go ahead and adventure in the 1.18 snapshot there are some things you need to know.

  1. Snapshot versions are beta releases, therefore expect plenty of bugs.
  2. Your saved game in the snapshot version might possibly not get carried over to the official version.
  3. The snapshot versions might have limitations when it comes to compatibility with game customizations such as Optifine, mods, and resource packs.
  4. You can't load a saved game in the Snapshot. You must start a new world.

But, if you are up to all of that, go ahead and launch Minecraft and select the 21W37A Snapshot.

By playing with a snapshot version of Minecraft you might meet plenty of bugs and issues which you can report to the developers to help them make the official release perfect.

At the same time, if you find bug hunting amusing, you can actually join Microsoft's bug bounty hunting program and get extra rewards and perks for reporting vulnerabilities and issues.

Minecraft 1.18 Features

This release features plenty of changes. Some of the most notable ones include the expansion of how deep you can dig down, and how high you can get.

To be exact, you can now explore further 64 blocks higher and 64 blocks lower. Which is a total of 384 blocks. Now that's what I call deep exploration.

It also features new biomes which you can explore. Here are some of the latest biomes.

  • Noise caves biome
  • Dripstone Caves biome
  • Grove biome
  • Lofty peaks biome
  • Lush Caves biome
  • Meadow biome
  • Snowcapped peaks biome
  • Snowy slopes biome
  • Stony peaks biome

Aside from the new biomes you also get to meet new mobs such as the Warden. There are even some new PvP updates in terms of dynamics.

You can read the full updates from the official Minecraft site.


"This Minecraft update is filled with tons of tons of changes. That is why Mojang wants to do it right and make sure it's fully developed before launching the official release."

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot release - 1

When will Minecraft 1.18 Be Officially Released

Minecraft 1.18 will be released in the holidays of 2021. This means we might get to see the official version on December.

There were some words coming out from the rumor mill about an early release in October however the announcement of Minecraft Live 2021 on that month has completely debunked that.

Let's face it, 1.18 is gonna be titanic. It's one of those updates which might elevate Minecraft into better heights.

This is one of the reasons why the developers do not want to just release it half done.

As a die hard Minecraft fanatic it is our obligation to support them during the beta phases by reporting any issue or problems we can find while playing the Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot Release.

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