The New Build Limit for Minecraft 1.18 

 Last Modified October 19, 2021

 Published October 19, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

The New Build Limit for Minecraft 1.18 -main

The New Build Limit for Minecraft 1.18 has been officially announced and can be played live through the official 1.18 snapshots.

The Minecraft 1.18 update is rapidly approaching, and fans are looking forward to seeing what new features it will add.


The building limit in Minecraft has not been changed since almost the start of the game itself when it was released commercially.

The build limit will be lifted in the 1.18 update, allowing players to explore the world from all new heights and depths for the first time.


"New players, on the other hand, may not be aware of the game's build limit."

What Does Build Limit Mean?

There is a reason why Mojang has not yet set a new build limit for plenty of updates. It's majorly because they care about their gamers with slower computers.

The y value is stored in bytes in Minecraft. As a result, people with slow computers will have no difficulties, and data consumption is reduced.

It's a lot less confusing than that. A byte is made up of eight bits, and each bit may have either zero or one value.


"A bit, which is a unit of information in computer systems and other digital technology, can hold up to 256 values."

Because there are two types of byte, a signed byte and an unsigned byte, this is the case.

A signed byte is a byte with the first bit set to tell Minecraft whether it's good or bad. Positive values begin at 0 and range up to +127, whereas negative values start at 1 and go down to -128.

Up until recently, Minecraft used signed bytes to store Y coordinates. The disadvantage of employing a signed bit is that the genuine number shrinks from 8 bits to 7 bits.

When Mojang noticed that no one was going to build below zero, they made the Y value for construction unsigned, meaning it may increase up to +256 but not lower than 0 because unsigned values are banned from being negative.

What is The Build Limit Right Now?

The current build limit for Minecraft is currently 256 blocks. This indicates that players will only be able to construct at a height of 256 blocks before being limited in height.

The game's build height has remained the same since the 1.2 update, which was released nearly nine years ago. The build limit will rise with the new 1.18 patch, allowing players to construct even higher!

The New Build Limit for Minecraft 1.18 - 4

What is Going to Be The New Build Limit in Minecraft 1.18

In the 1.18 update, players will be able to build up to 320 blocks tall, as opposed to 256 in the previous version. This adds 64 more blocks of building area above ground level for players to utilize.

320 blocks is already a very good altitude to build in the Minecraft. Not only that, you can also experience a new lowest depth which will be -64.

When a player goes to a place with a Y coordinate less than 0, he or she will come upon the deepslate layer.

The world will be taller and more detailed, with a greater number of blocks to discover. Players will have more area to explore, go higher in the world, and find new blocks such as the deepslate.


"This update will be ideal for players who enjoy constructing extremely tall structures/skyscrapers."

The New Build Limit for Minecraft 1.18 - 3

When will Minecraft 1.18 Be Released

The 1.18 update for Minecraft is anticipated to be launched during the holiday season of 2021. To date, no specific date has been designated for the upgrade.

The new patch, however, is expected to debut in late 2021. When that time comes you will be able to enjoy the new build limit.

Minecraft 1.18 is the second and final major update to Caves & Cliffs. It followed after 1.17 which was released and launched in June 2021.

With the debut of this update, you'll be able to discover brand-new monsters, blocks, resources, and more.

In summary, you get to build higher by 64 blocks up, and dig deeper by 64 more blocks down. Now that's an awesome update.

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