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 Published December 2, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

Alex Minecraft Background Story - 1

There have been plenty of reasons why people want to search for Alex Minecraft background story. There is a mystique that this character has which attracts plenty of players and fans.

Along with her male counterpart, Steve, Alex is the main and only playable character in the game Minecraft. She appeared in Super Smash Bros. as a character. Minecraft Dungeons on May 26, 2020, and Ultimate on October 1, 2020.


There was also an alternative story in An Egg's Guide to Minecraft, Alex Minecraft serves as the tritagonist. She serves as the primary fighter and villager trainer on Jason's mission to rescue Steve.

"I'm The Spirit of Vengeance and Death! Only people who bow down before me can know my name! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!"


- Alex on "An Egg's Guide to Minecraft"

Alex Minecraft Background Story - 2

Alex Minecraft Development

The character Alex Minecraft will be a complementary addition to Minecraft as a randomly assigned character, according to Mojang, with "thinner arms, redder hair, and a ponytail,".

As per the WIRED article published on April 28, 2015, where there was concern over the lack of representation in the diversity of the Minecraft player base.

In September 2014, version 1.8 included Alex. Later that summer, Alex's Pocket Edition was made available initially on Xbox and PlayStation consoles and then on mobile devices.

In Minecraft 1.20 New Minecraft Characters are Now Playable in Minecraft and Alex will be having more friends rather than just Steve.

Alex Minecraft Background Story - 4

Alex Minecraft Appearance and Model

Although Alex portrays herself as a fearless adventurer and warrioress, she is openly dubious of Jason's claims.

But when she kills Extremely Flamboyant Creeper to protect Jason's whereabouts and when she teaches the locals how to fight, her committed and astute side finally comes out.

Alex Minecraft is not heartless and will tenaciously defend people who are weaker than herself, despite being impatient and easily irritated with her students to the point where she allows a villager to be turned into a zombie.

She may be obstinate and forceful, especially when it comes to her preoccupation with diamonds, to the point where she says some of them were eaten by Jason.

Alex is a female figure with brilliant orange hair that hangs to the left, pale complexion, white eyes, and green pupils.

She is wearing a light-green shirt that is untucked on the right side, a pair of brown slacks, and grey boots. Alex has slimmer arms than Steve and what appear to be reddish lips.

Lead designer Jens Bergensten and Alex's designs are similar. On numerous websites, including "The Skindex," they are frequently referred to as the "slim" Minecraft skin.

Alex Minecraft Background Story - 3

Alex Minecraft Background Story

An Egg's Guide to Minecraft, often known as An Egg's Guide or Egg's Guide, is a 2012 collection of animated YouTube videos that depicts the tale of Jason, a character from Element Animation's first video series, "The Crack!" inside the popular computer game Minecraft.

He gains friends along the way, including George, a devoted pig, and Steve, a wary but protective default skin, but unintentionally summons The Great and Powerful One, a dreaded legendary creature that captures Steve and pursues Jason.

One episode from Season 2 has already been made available, and it seems to center on Jason being captured and Steve losing his memory. Due to a lack of interest and high production costs, the series is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

In Part 15, Alex initially arrives. She uses a Flame bow to shoot numerous arrows into the forest, killing some of the monsters that were threatening Jason, George, and Villager #37.

Before the camera catches her speeding through the trees, Jason confuses her for Steve. She charges into battle and uses her sword to slay the remaining hordes.

A cobblestone block-wielding Enderman tries to crush her before teleporting erratically around the clearing in an effort to perplex her.

Alex slashes at it with her sword, mortally impaling it. Jason is the target of her suspicious glance as she grabs the sword.

Alex Minecraft Facts and Trivia

  • In Egg's Guide, she is the only female character with a name.
  • As she is frequently shown in animations, Alex Minecraft is a formidable fighter.
  • She might, however, have a slight aversion to endermen.
  • For a while, complaints about Alex jumping fences (without the Jump Boost status effect) and burning zombie pigmen in Minecraft were a running joke in the comments area of Part 18.
  • Alex adds that the Sand villagers are aware of the traditions that describe The Great and Powerful One as a destroyer, even if she is initially unaware of who he is. She probably heard this from Villager #37 off-camera.
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