What Lies Beneath – Minecraft Seed

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 23, 2019
Updated: October 23, 2019
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 23, 2019
Updated: October 23, 2019

What Lies Beneath: Ravines, villages, and mansions.

What Lies Beneath is an amazing seed with many naturally generated structures within close proximity to the spawn point. There are a few villages, a woodland mansion, and multiple caves and ravines. What Lies Beneath is a wonder seed for exploring and mining, there will be no shortage of resources when playing on this seed.

What Lies Beneath is a seed with plenty of places to find resources. You spawn in a forest near a desert, with two villages, a pillager outpost, and a woodland mansion nearby. There are multiple ravines and caves all around this seed.

Right off the bat, a decently large village is a short distance from your spawn point. The village is packed with chests and many valuable resources. Facing East to the village, there is a ravine. While the ravine is a bit shallow and small, there is plenty of iron and coal to mine. A bit further East of the ravine, there is a pillager outpost.

As always, there is a chest at the top of the structure, but be careful of the crossbow-wielding pillagers who guard at the bottom. There is a second, much larger, ravine next to the pillager outpost. This ravine has water and lava sources scaling down it, along with plenty of resources that can be mined.

There are a few caves located right next to the ravine which can be explored as well. Going more to the East, there is yet another village. This village is far larger than the second, with plenty of chests waiting to be looted. There are also donkeys, ocelots, hay bales, and a few farms spread across this large village. A few iron golems stand guard, as well. A small cave can be located right next to the village.

Next to the second village, you will find a dark forest biome. On the edge of the forest, there is a woodland mansion that is very hard to miss. The woodland mansion is a huge structure with many rooms inside.

The mansion is inhabited by illagers, which are hostile mobs that resemble villagers. Inside the mansion, you might find a farm, multiple jail cells, storage rooms (the chests in these rooms are empty!), and many other strange rooms. Woodland mansions are typically very dark, so many hostile mobs might be present other than just illagers. There are many chests scattered around the whole mansion, so make sure you explore every room!

Overall, What Lies Beneath is an awesome seed that is great for Minecrafters of all skill levels. What Lies Beneath is a great seed to explore due to all of the naturally generated structures. There are plenty of caves and ravines so collecting resources will not be a problem. Lots of different types of animals also spawn all around the seed.

What Lies Beneath is a seed for Minecraft version 1.14.4.

Pros of What Lies Beneath

  • What Lies Beneath has a very large amount of generated structures that contain lots of chests.
  • There are numerous caves and ravines all around the seed, which is great for gathering resources.
  • Many biomes are present within a short distance in this seed.

Cons of What Lies Beneath

  • Most of the structures have hostile mobs within them.
  • Aesthetic-wise, the seed is not very pretty.
  • Some of the ravines are underwater, which makes mining very difficult.

How to use What Lies Beneath Minecraft Seed

If you would like this seed on your own Minecraft world, it’s very simple to do! All you need to know is one simple code, which in this case, is 927605758. Here are the directions for how to use this seed!

  1. Open Minecraft 1.14.4
  2. Select “Singleplayer”, then “Create New World”
  3. Click on “More World Options…”
  4. In the textbox labeled “Seed for the World Generator” paste these numbers: 927605758
  5. Click “Create New World” once again and you will have this seed on your own singleplayer world!
  6. Use OptiFine!

What Lies Beneath Minecraft Seed Preview

What Lies Beneath - Minecraft Seed - 1

What Lies Beneath - Minecraft Seed - 2
What Lies Beneath - Minecraft Seed - 3

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