What do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft 

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 Published March 28, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

What do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft - 1

These fury, cute and majestic creatures seem to have gotten our hearts, but what do polar bears eat in Minecraft? And is it possible to tame them?

Since polar bears were added in Minecraft 1.10 , many players have been wondering about their purpose in the game. What do these animals eat? What's their behavior like? Can you tame them and if so, how?

Read on to learn more about this magnificent creatures and how to get them by your side.

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What are Polar Bears in Minecraft

Polar bears in Minecraft are mostly found in cold, snowy biomes such as taigas, tundra's and ice plains. They will also spawn in snowy mountains, but this is rarer.

Baby polar bears also have a chance to spawn in these biomes. You can see those cute little cubs hanging around with their mothers.

Polar bears will attack players and wolves if they get too close, but otherwise, they are neutral mobs. So what do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

You will be surprised to know that in Minecraft they don't actually want to eat you. They only want to scavenge the world and protect their territory.

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What do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft

They will mostly eat fish, which can be found in water bodies such as lakes, rivers and oceans. Salmon is their favorite food, but they will also eat cod and pufferfish.

To get fish for a polar bear, you can either catch them yourself using a fishing rod or purchase them from a fisherman villager. Once you have the fish, simply Right-click on the polar bear with it in your hand to give it to them.

After looking at these majestic beasts you would probably be wondering what do polar bears eat in Minecraft in order to tame them.

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How to Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft

Polar bears can also be tamed using fish. Once tamed, they will follow and protect you like other pets such as wolves and ocelots.

To tame a polar bear, first, you need to find a baby polar bear. Then, you need to keep feeding it fish until it shows hearts.

Once it's tamed, you can give it a name by Right-clicking on it with a nametag in your hand. Polar bears are a great addition to any Minecraft world and can be very useful pets.

They can help protect the player and at the same time their cuteness is an added bonus to immersion. This is why it is important to know what do polar bears eat in Minecraft.

Where do I find Polar Bears in Minecraft

Polar bears can be found in taiga, tundra, cold and frozen biomes. The chances of finding one are higher if the biome is snowy.

Polar bears will also spawn in mountains if the altitude is high enough and if the mountain is close to a cold biome. You can use this to your advantage by building a base near a cold biome and waiting for a polar bear to spawn.

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What is the Polar Bear's Behavior in Minecraft

Polar bears are mostly neutral mobs but will attack players and wolves if they get too close. They will also attack baby animals, so watch out for them if you're trying to raise one.

Other than that, they will mostly just scavenge the world for food. When they're not doing that, they will be sleeping or walking around their territory.

You can lure both tamed and wild polar bears by holding raw fish in your hand however there is a limited distance that it will follow you.

To make a tamed polar bear specifically follow you around, you will need to use a lead on it so that it will go with you anywhere.

Using command blocks you are even able to ride polar bears too. However, that part is non-canon.

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