What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft?

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published March 7, 2022
Updated: March 7, 2022
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published March 7, 2022
Updated: March 7, 2022

Chickens could probably be one of the most common mobs in the game however it has been a mystery to us why plenty of people still ask what do chickens eat in Minecraft.

While you don't have to feed animal mobs in Minecraft so they can survive, you may still feed them. Minecraft animals do not have their own hunger bar, providing them with food will heal them and put them into Breeding Mode.


Chickens are all around you in your Minecraft environment, and you'll certainly come across them while trekking about. Here's what to feed chickens in Minecraft.

Chickens are active and roamed about freely, as well as following their parents. When falling, they flap their wings and fall slowly, thus they are immune to fall damage. They avoid tumbling off high places, however.


When wounded, they run away. Chickens are one of the few species that attempt to scale stairwells rather of climbing them normally. They are hunted by ocelots, wild cats, and foxes. Chickens may be tamed if players carry a variety of seeds in their inventory within 6 blocks.

What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft

Chickens in Minecraft eat only seeds. You won't be able to converse with them if you offer them any other type of food.

Chickens can be fed any type of seed, no matter what variety you choose. Chickens may eat anything from wheat to pumpkin seeds, and beetroot seeds are no exception. Seeds will heal them and if your chickens are in excellent health, these seeds will get them ready to reproduce.

When these hearts fly up, other chickens will seek out another chicken with which to have a baby chicken. Chickens can produce young chickens in a variety of ways; however, they will require your assistance. Chickens occasionally lay eggs all around the world.

You may jump up and grab the egg, which you can then hurl. The egg breaks if it strikes something, resulting in a baby chicken being born. You can use this method to produce more chickens if you don't have seeds around you.

What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft - 3

Where do you Find Chickens in Minecraft

Now that you know what do chickens eat in Minecraft you would probably be wanting so search for them. Chickens may be generated naturally in the Overworld, on grass blocks, in groups of four. At a light level of 9 or more, there are two blocks of free space above it on grass blocks.

They will not breed in arid regions, snow-covered plains, ice spikes, snow slopes, meadows, wooded badlands, jagged peaks, icy summits, stony heights or frozen heights.

Chickens are more common in jungle environments in Java Edition. Chickens appear one at a time after the world has been created. Chicks make up 5% of all chickens which are spawned.

What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft - 2

How do you Tame Chickens in Minecraft

Now that you know what do chickens eat in Minecraft it would be probably now the best time to tame Chickens.

To begin, you'll need some wheat seeds, which are acquired by harvesting grass. You don't need anything fancy for this; simply punch the ground with your bare hands or a stick until you obtain at least one wheat seed.

Next, place the seeds in your hotbar and then approach a chicken. It will begin to follow you as soon as you put the seeds in your hotbar, and it will continue to do so until you remove them.

Lure the chicken into a confined location. This might be the inside of your home or a unique chicken pen that you construct outside. After you've lured the chicken into an enclosed space, close it off using a door or a fence so that you may get through and acquire yourself a pet chicken!

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How do you Breed Chickens in Minecraft

You may breed two or more chickens in Minecraft to generate baby chickens if you subdue and capture them. You might just have a chicken farm soon!

Tame and capture at least two chickens using the techniques described above.

To feed the chickens with wheat seeds, right-click on them in your hotbar while standing in front of each chicken.

You'll see hearts over the chickens once they're ready. A newborn chicken will be brought forth afterwards.

Follow these steps and you'll be operating your own chicken farm in no time. The hens will continue to lay eggs. You have the option of utilizing the chickens as a source of food while it isn't a good experience for them.

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