Minecraft’s Next Big Release Will Be “The Wild” Update 

 Last Modified November 10, 2021

 Published October 19, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Minecraft's Next Big Release Will Be The Wild Update - main

Mojang has already confirmed that their next big release will be called as the wild update. Even though we have not yet been blessed with the Minecraft 1.18 update it looks like Mojang already has big plans ahead.

With the new update, Mojang promises to recognize the vastness of Minecraft's Overworld with greater clarity for certain biomes.


The Birch Forest biome, for example, was mentioned as an example of a biome that doesn't currently have much going for it.

The Wilds update would invigorate the biome, resulting in thicker and more widely dispersed trees with room for wildflowers and shrubs.


Suddenly, one of Minecraft's most unloved biomes has a personality of it's own.

The update will also introduce a new area called Mangrove Swamp, which is part of the world and will include a new mangrove wood type, mud blocks that allow you to craft mud bricks, chests on boats, and a new croaking froggy mob.

"That's correct, frogs are on their way to Minecraft." 

Minecraft 1.19 : The Wild Update

With the Caves and Cliffs update, which has just begun to roll out, Mojang appears to have put the Minecraft train in full drive.

The Deep Dark biome also has some modifications. Mojang first announced it for the Caves and Cliffs update, which was then delayed until the The Wilds update. It will be released as part of that release.

During the 2021 Minecraft Live, we saw a sneak peek of it, but nothing more than an unsettling subterranean cave biome.

The subterranean cave, which was once believed to be a single biome, has now been discovered to be an entire abandoned metropolis of decayed villages filled with valuables.

The Warden is forced back one tile, but we get plenty of time to build up our courage before facing the subterranean monsters.

According to Mojang, The Wild update will be less than Caves and Cliffs, but there will clearly be plenty of things to do.

"Minecraft's next major release will be known as 'The Wild.' "

When Will The Wild Update Be Released

You must be patient and wait a little while before attempting Minecraft The Wild update, which was announced at the Minecraft Live event on October 16, 2021.

The release date for Minecraft 1.19 is unknown, but we do know it will be released in 2022. All we know so far about Minecraft 1.19 is that it will be coming some time in 2022, but as soon as further information is revealed,

With Minecraft The Wild update, there are a plethora of new features, including several new biomes to explore, from lush Mangrove swamps to eerie underground cities.

New types of blocks will provide players with additional crafting and construction alternatives, while new animals will bring more life to your worlds.

Beware, as there's a horrible new mob hiding underground, ready to rise and track you down.

"Minecraft 1.19 will be released somewhere in 2022"

Minecraft's Next Big Release Will Be The Wild Update - 3

What Are The Top Features Of Minecraft 1.19

Let's start our roundup of Minecraft The Wild Update with a tour of the Deep Dark Biome, which is deeper underground.

Ancient cities may be discovered in the Deep Dark Biome, which are undoubtedly ghostly and have many mysteries waiting to be found in the dark.

Follow the spooky trail of skulls and bones to discover hidden treasures. There may be rare goods in the darkness, so go boldly!

In the inscrutable realm of the Deep Dark, you'll discover a new substance called Sculk, as well as the Sculk Catalyst block, which makes additional Sculk appear when creatures are slain near by.

There's also the Sculk Shrieker block, which emits an eerie howl when activated, causing a pulsating darkness to descend on the area.

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot release - 1

However, the most frightening part of this new section of Minecraft 1.19 is the presence of Wardens, which are huge mobs that spring up from the earth.

If you're caught during the night, they'll notice you. You can try hiding from them in the darkness if they appear after it's dark, but they have a sensitive sense of smell and will sniff you out if you get too close.

Keep your distance from the Wardens while looking for secret riches, because if they catch you, it might be the end of your journey.

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