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Teyemas 1.15. Your guess is as good as mine on what the name means. But something I do know is that this is one seriously clean texture pack. Focused on delivering an aesthetic that is simple but not totally dumbed down, this is a pack for people who enjoy alternative takes on Minecraft’s visuals. Read on to see my rundown on whether Teyemas 1.15 takes the proverbial Minecraft cake.

What is Teyemas 1.15?

Teyemas 1.15 is a beautifully designed resource pack that takes clear inspiration from other similarly styled packs with a simple RPG tinge to them. The colours are very easy on the eyes and texture designs are purposeful and effective. There is so much intention behind each and every design choice here, and it results in the actual experience playing with the pack enabled being an absolute blast.

What is Teyemas 1.15 like to use?

Teyemas 1.15 has a very distinct look to it thanks to its colour palette. There is a lot more red coming through in the whole of the pack, resulting in much richer and sophisticated colours. This sophistication makes the pack perfectly suited for RPG style play or even more comprehensive mod playthroughs. It almost feels too fancy to waste on just your typical Minecraft world.

These days, it's pretty common for computers and other devices to have automatic or manual display options that let you soften the blue light coming from your screens. If there was ever a Minecraft equivalent to that, this pack would be it. The addition of the new textures results in an overarching softening of the game’s visuals, making everything a bit more pleasurable to look at and turning down the game’s contrast.

I enjoyed the pack’s boldness to recreate many of the game’s most well-known textures. Grass blocks are always a tricky thing to texture due to their frequency and instant recognisability, so I always appreciate a creator stepping into the firing line and making their own take on really significant blocks.

With that said, if you prefer things to stay as close to default Minecraft as possible, you might want to give this one a pass. Likewise, if you love super realistic packs with extraordinarily high resolutions, you aren’t going to find that here either. This pack is for players who enjoy a little bit of everything, but nothing too extreme to either degree. It’s a very well rounded pack with a clear attention to detail and a focus on players’ actual experience playing the game.

If you need a pack that will give a bit more of a mature or elegant vibe for your Minecraft world or RPG server, Teyemas 1.15 is an excellent choice. Combining beautiful textures, a complex colour pallete and an appreciation for visual fatigue, this pack is perfect for more mature players or those who need something that’s easy on the eyes.

What’s good about Teyemas 1.15?

✔Very well designed and articulated textures

✔Mature and sophisticated colour palette

✔Perfect for RPG servers or maps

What’s not-so-good about Teyemas 1.15?

X Not recommended for modern or contemporary maps/servers

X Wouldn’t recommend for players who prefer less impactful packs

X Red tinge can become too much in some areas

How do I install Teyemas 1.15?

Teyemas 1.15 would be perfect matched up with an exciting RPG map or mod, so what are you waiting for? Get downloading this bad boy! If you’re not sure how to install resource packs, we’ve got you covered. Use our guide below on how to install resource packs for Minecraft 1.15 quickly and easily.

Firstly, download Teyemas 1.15 as a zip file. Once the download is complete, move it to one side. Now you need to locate your resource pack folder. The easiest way to find this is by opening Minecraft and going to options>resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, you can go through your computer files using the directories below depending on your OS:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Open up the resource pack folder and place the zip you put to one side into it. Now, open up Minecraft and enable the pack through the resource pack menu.

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